Branca Sister – International Correspondent

Branca was born in Brazil, 53 years ago and has a  Jewish – European heritage (her grandparents came from Russia and Poland).

She has a degree in Bussiness, Masters in Psychology (applied to Bussiness) and a passion for good food and traveling. This passion for gastronomy has furthered her career in the food industry.

She has three published books, all in the gastronomy field, mainly about children’s nutrition.

She is a consultant to a number of restaurants and supermarkets,  and manages  her own site ( Branca contributes to a number of magazines and other sites on a regular bases.

You can also read more about her  at , which is the site of a chain of supermarkets, where she writes on a monthly basis.

Married for 33 years, mother of three and grandmother of two, they are my best critics.