DJ Bryan Galvan – Resident DJ

DJ Bryan Galvan - Resident DJ

The age-old argument between whether House music was born in New York or Chicago can leave you punch drunk. This is what consumed Galvan’s mind while growing up in New York. But knowing your roots is only a fraction of what makes a dj stand out and setting him apart from the masses. And I do mean masses. In an industry diluted with mp3’s and overnight sensations, Bryan Galvan has had the opportunity and cleverness to absorb the elements it takes on creating a star amongst the rest.

Producing is a huge element in the growth of an artist, having first gotten his feet wet in commercial music studios, Galvan quickly gained momentum teaming up with producer/keyboardist Jonathan Trattner on a number of chart topping singles e/g “La Zona Blanca”, “Upward Into The light”, which then led to his solo producing career e/g “Role Model”, “Take Control”, and “Una Vez Mas”. Today you can find Galvan’s music played all over the world; in clubs, radio stations, cars, iPods, retail stores, and probably anywhere else that dance music has played out of a speaker. Maximizing on his solo productions makes touring that much more special. His sets are driven by spot on mixing, edits, & fx, a discography that dates back longer than he’s been alive, and enough energy and passion to make you lose track of time during a 10-hr set.

“Having had the opportunity to work just about every known big room club in New York City over the past 15 years, and managing New York City’s Satellite Records shop is truly a blessing” states Galvan. He’s also had the honor of hosting his own radio show on XM Radio for 7 years. You can check out his latest mixes right here at Progressive Pulse.