Garrett Hoo – Producer/Host/Film Features Editor


                                                                                                                                                                        Adventurous, nomadic, audacious, charismatic, to the point and fun-loving are some of the adjectives many would use to describe Garrett Hoo. Hailing from San Francisco, Garrett has spent the last decade and a half traveling abroad to gain a better perspective of other peoples, cultures and ways of life. A self-described family and friend man, compassion, empathy and loyalty are key words in his vocabulary. The entertainment industry has always been Garrett’s passion and career of choice. From lead roles in film, television and stage to host of National Geographic ecological series’ to producer of lifestyle and culinary programs, Garrett’s unrivaled dedication, superb work ethics and witty sense of humor is evident in the projects he champions creating a most fruitful journey with one significant milestone after another.