A Guy in a Rut, Dreams a Little too Big in DREAMLAND – TFF PREMIERE

For any struggling artist out there trying to live a daily existence,  while pursuing their passion, DREAMLAND, the film will resonate on a multitude of levels. Robert Schwartzman makes his directorial debut, as well as co-writing this gem of a film with Benjamin Font. In it a struggling pianist, Monty (Johnny Simmons), can’t seem to please his girlfriend in bed, lives with his crazy girlfriend’s mom (Beverly D’Angelo) and struggles to make ends meet teaching $25 piano lessons to kids. When he gets a job offer to fill in at a piano bar at a posh hotel in Beverly Hills, he meets a woman (Amy Landecker), who not only ignites Monty’s sex drive, but also ignites the dreamer in Monty.

Schwartzman assembles a great cast of characters, including his brother Jason Schwartzman, who plays a smarmy banker who repeatedly turns away Monty for a loan, and encourages Monty to come back when he saves more money, ‘I mean a lot of money’. Alan Ruck plays the manager of the posh hotel which should remind many of the boss you hated at your first job. Amy Landecker plays a convincing cougar who lures Monty into her bed, having Monty question whether she is his sugar momma…But it’s Johnny Simmons who brings an innocence, impressionable and likability to the character of Monty which should have audiences going along for the ride.

Original music by Robert Schwartzman, direction and cinematography will keep audiences engaged to the end.

DREAMLAND played at Tribeca Film Festival where it opened and is now available on Netflix and other VOD services.