A New Lunatic Comedy, “The Singularity” Promises Plenty of Laughs, Absurdity and a Cast of Three Who Wear Many Hats – Cast Interview

Singularity Postcard Front Vertical new copy“The Singularity” which opens July 30th at The Flea Theater in New York City promises plenty of laughs from this lunatic comedy written by Bay Area playwright, Crystal Jackson. Set in a dystopian future, Astrid, played by Laura Lundy-Paine is in her 40’s trying to find sperm to inseminate her as she races against the clock amidst a cast of colorful characters including her best friend Kyle, who’s gay played by Michael Vega, a Transgendered nurse also played by Vega, and a doctor, scientist, lawyer and a man named Bob played by the third cast member,  Dan Fagan round out this talented ensemble.

“The Singularity” which is a collaboration between Bay Area theater company, Virago Theatre Company,  and The Flea Theater in New York is not the first time the two have worked together. After last year’s successful “AROUSAL and The Lover”, featuring the same cast, the two companies decided to bring their winning marriage back for a second go around. With sets designed by visionary artist, Michael Glass and director Amy Fowkes who’s known for her sharp direction in humor, “The Singularity” should entertain as it makes a postmodern commentary on our society. Watch our cast interview below with Michael Vega, Dan Fagan and Laura Lundy-Paine who balances her role of Astrid with behind the scene producing credits. For tickets visit TheFlea.org