A Real and Explicit Look at “Love” Comes to Outfest: An Interview with Director/Writer Travis Mathews by Kevin M. Thomas

Jesse and Ben in bed in “I Want Your Love”

“I Want Your Love” is so honest and raw that it seems like it’s actually real. The characters are named after the actors. And most of the actors have had little or no experience – perrhaps a few of them have been performance artists.

Ferrin in mirror

It’s this fresh take on filmmaking that has made “I Want Your Love” a standout – and the point of realness is really brought home in the sexually explicit scenes in the film.

We sat down with director/writer Travis Mathews, who just finished a successful screening at Frameline and is now presenting “I Want Your Love” at Los Angeles’ Outfest on Friday, July 13 at 9:45pm at DGA 1.

Click on the link and hear how Mathews was able to find a group of talented performers who didn’t have a cinematic past but who were talented and professional enough to pull off a movie that’s as close to real life as you’re ever going to get on screen.

Many of these actors had to perform sex on-camera. In watching the movie, there is nothing simulated about it. Backed by porn company Naked Sword, “I Want Your Love” does have its cum shot. But Mathews and crew are able to depict this in a way that it clearly not a pornographic – just graphic. Perhaps because of the talent of the actors and the richness of the script, this is more a real character study than an act of titilation. And, like real life, Mathews tells us how he gathered a cast of different types of men – in body and character. Whether it be bear, twink or average, “I Want Your Love” is well represented.

Watch how Mathews explains the many layers and aspects of love, sex and friendship and how they are equally explored and realized in “I Want Your Love.”

See more about the movie at www.iwantyourlovethemovie.com and get tickets at outfest.org.