The Inner Detective in Us Sparkles in the New Book, ‘Introducing: Sunfish & Starfish Tropical Drag Queen Detectives”

If you’re looking for a fun and fast paced Summer read that’s a little bit off-kilter like your favorite binge watching shows on Netflix, then you need not look any further than Wallace Godrey’s novel, “Introducing: Sunfish & Starfish Tropical Drag Queen Detectives”.  Godfrey’s first novel is an indulgent page turner detective story set in […] Click to read more »

Nutritionist & Fitness Expert, José Fernández is “Saving Lives” in his new book, “Salvando Vidas” Video Feature

Each day José Fernández is literally saving lives on his national Univision radio show as callers ask the nutritionist and fitness expert advice on how to eat right and stay active. In a recent visit, I was fortunate to sit in the Univision radio studion in Miami and witness first hand the lives Fernandez is saving. Callers […] Click to read more »

Book: Kris Saknussemm talks about the role music plays in his new book “Reverend America”

Kris Saknussemm stopped by his hometown bookstore, Pegasus in Berkeley, California for a book reading of his fourth novel, “Reverend America” He also brought along Tenor Saxophonist, Eric Wyatt who he collaborated with on the theme song for an upcoming CD that will accompany the book. Watch the interview below and learn more about how […] Click to read more »

Book – Author Stacy Schiff breaks down the myths of Cleopatra

Best selling author, Stacy Schiff breaks down some of the myths of Cleopatra in her book, “Cleopatra”. For example Cleopatra was Greek  instead of  Egyptian. For years we’ve long thought of Cleopatra in the image of Elizabeth Taylor, but now Schiff’s character is peaking the interest of Angelina Jolie for a potential upcoming film.  Watch […] Click to read more »