Cedar Lake fuses dance, fashion, visual arts and music for an electrifying performance Photos by Carlton Jones

Cedar Lake presented it’s latest installation project June 20th thorugh June 22 in New York City. Progressive Pulse correspondent, Carlton Jones was on hand to shoot images from this superb performance.

The  installation was a tantalizing mix from the worlds of dance, fashion, visual arts and music, led by Cedar Lake Artistic Director, Benoit-Swan Pouffer.

Audience members were  inches from the dancers and closer than ever to the excitement of a live dance performance while totally immersed in an artistically charged atmosphere.

The eclectic mash-up of musical styles coming together for the installation included minimal techno, classical, house, and pop all drawing from a full spectrum of cultural traditions and artistic disciplines.  The talented musical artists contributed to the soundscape including Akim Funk Buddha, Mikael Karlsson and Taylor Kuffner. Buddha creates border-less performance art by merging Indonesian infused hip-hop beats with movement. Frequent Cedar Lake collaborator Mikael Karlsson provided fluid, engaging transitions to meld Buddha’s unbridled style with Kuffner’s jack-of-all-trades soundscape which brought the set to life. The physical environment was dominated by contributing visual artist Colin Kilian’s large-scale kinetic sculpture.  Adding a layer of grit to the installation’s “Mad Max” like setting were costumes designed by Iceland natives Hildur Yeoman and Edda Gudmundsdottir along with the lighting design provided by Clifton Taylor.  Pouffer and Cedar Lake Ballet Master Alexandra Damiani, in collaboration with the Cedar Lake dancers, contributed to the installation’s choreography.

Check out shots take by Carlton Jones below: