Creator Terracino makes you love his “Elliot” at Outfest by Kevin M. Thomas

Just talking to writer/director Terracino, you know his movie “Elliot Loves” is good. He has such a passion for the project that there’s no way it couldn’t be.

He talks of “Elliot” as if it were his own child. And, in many ways, it is. He developed, nurtured and grew the character and help lead “him” in the right path – a series of film festivals to get some buzz, which hopefully will lead to a theatrical or DVD and video-on-demand premiere.

Terracino, from New York like Elliot, has taken his gem of a movie around the country and has received support and praise from everywhere he has journey. He now brings the film to Outfest, showing Sunday, July 15 at 1:30pm at DGA 1.

“Elliot Loves” is still in my head. I feel like I got to know Elliot as I was watching the movie. Maybe since meeting Terracino, I feel closer to Elliot.

Elliot is an only child who seeks love – whether it be from his mother when he was growing up or men in his adult life. It’s still a very personal film for Terracino, even though he has nine brothers and sisters.

“I lived ‘Elliot Loves’ emotionally,” Terracino says,  “but not strictly in the autobiographical sense. The film is a bit of my life and my history but it’s not like a cinematic diary or anything.”

Kevin M. Thomas w/Creator Terracino

Terracino started working on “Elliot Loves” when he “hit rock bottom after a terrible break-up years ago.” And while he was licking his wounds, he remembered something a psychic told him years before: You can’t move forward until you look back. The past rides a fast horse and our pain will always find us.

“Elliot Loves” mixes live action with animation. Terracino explains he choose to do this because “fantasy is a coping mechanism for people who have it rough. So fantasy was an essential element of the film’s storytelling and it’s woven throughout the film.”

The movie succeeds because of its wonderful storytelling, mixing past with present, live and animation and comedy and drama. It also has a great cast, mostly newcomers with the exception of Robin de Jesus, who may be new to movies, but his two Tony nominations prove he is a seasoned professional.

Terracino was impressed by de Jesus’ work ethic as de Jesus was shooting the film with simultaneously shooting another movie (last year’s “Gun Hill Road) and starring in Broadway’s “La Cage aux Folles.” Terracino says, “He never looked exhausted and he never complained.”

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