Director Shares Just Enough to Entice You to Drink, Gamble and “Speakeasy” by Kevin M. Thomas

Practically blindfolded and sworn to secrecy, I was taken to a private location to interview Nick A. Olivero, the artistic director of the Boxcar Theatre, who seems to be taken on his biggest challenge.

2A62DFA5B-97AC-C9BE-A6C23BCB9B0E3AE7.jpg.pagespeed.ce.3sRGgy0yoYAll the secrecy follows the theme of Olivero’s least endeavor – he’s brining an original show to a San Francisco venue as it showcases “The Speakeasy,” which just opened and will run through at least March 15.

Like the title suggests, the show pays homage to days gone by, taking its audience back to 1920s San Francisco to enjoy bathtub gin and illegal gambling in a private Prohibition era speakeasy.

“The Speakeasy,” making its world premiere, is a show that has appeal for more than musical fans. It also has a bar, cabaret seating and gambling! To get access you’ll need a password that is sent to you via text so you know where to show up at your agreed upon time (all prior to an 8pm showtime).

Click on the video to see if we’re able to get Olivero to give away any secrets and to learn more about the show and the world he’s recreated.  We also find out how he’s able to promote a show with gambling considering it is illegal in San Francisco.

Check out the video below for as many answers as we can get and learn more at