Black and White by Photographer Brian Leighton

Photographer Brian Leighton "Black And White"

Photographer, Brian Leighton’s new show at the New York Design Center’s, Atelier is entitled Black and White which features nudes, nature and objects. Leighton said he was aware that the Design Center features artist’s work and it was the design furniture in Atelier that really resonated with him and his photography. Atelier was already aware of Leighton’s work and was planning on seeking him out for their next exhibition so the timing proved to be a perfect match. Leighton’s work can be purchased framed or without and begin as small as 5″x7″ and increase to 28″x40″.

Each piece stands alone on it’s own, but brings to life a fully furnished designed studio as was featured in Atelier. It’s not surprising that our attention went right to the nudes with titles like, “Smooth Sand”, “All Curled Up” and “25 Degrees”, but it’s worth checking out the artist’s other subjects as in the closeup piece entitled, “Knobs And Dice”. Black And White will be up through May at the New York Design Center’s Atelier. 200 Lexington Avenue, Suite 202. Phone: 212.696.0211 Visit: for more information.




"Knobs And Dice"

"All Curled Up"

"25 Degrees"