“Facing Fear” Oscar Nominee Feeling Fearless Before His Date With Oscar Next Month by Kevin M. Thomas


Jason Cohen has been too busy to realize that his name from now on will have the word “Oscar” in front of. Whether he remains a nominee or becomes a winner on March 2, Cohen will have a new title. In the land of movies, that’s as impressive as Dame or Lord. But it doesn’t seem facingfearto change Cohen’s drive or dedication to the arts. For him, the work is the focus.

Cohen is nominated for Best Short Documentary feature at this year’s Academy Awards for his compelling film “Facing Fear,” in which a teen who is gay bashed ends up working along side one of his abusers years later.

Fiction couldn’t have as much drama and suspense than Cohen’s true life tale. Does the young gay, now an adult, forgive his attacker? Does the Neo-Nazi brut change or remain the same? Cohen tells us a bit more in our interview with him at the Saul Zaenta Media Center in Berkeley, where we met up with him as he was putting finishing touches on some of the promotional footage for the release of the film.

Jason Cohen

Jason Cohen

In our interview we also tried to worm our way into his inter-sanctum and perhaps be able to get on his guest list so Progressive Pulse could also go to the Oscars. Click on the story to see how that worked out.

Cohen also shares with us how to find his film once the Oscars and fanfare is behind him.

“Facing Fear” is playing throughout the country before the Oscars. Presently, it’s playing in New York City and opens Feb. 7 in San Francisco and Feb. 14 in Los Angeles. But there are lots of screenings throughout the country from Anchorage to Wisconsin. Get showtimes, tickets and more information at www.facingfearmovie.com.