“Gay Husbands” Are Giving Real Housewives a Run for Their Money By Kevin M. Thomas, @ReelKev

In a world of reality and pseudo-reality, the brand new hilarious show “The Gay Husbands of San Francisco,” will debut on REVRY on Dec. 1.

This six-episode series showcases not only the beautiful city of San Francisco, but it also does something none of the housewives shows does: it doesn’t take itself seriously.

Progressive Pulse was lucky to meet the creative forces in front of and behind the camera at the show’s San Francisco premiere. We met up with the six main characters as well as the show’s creator Adam H. Sandel and the CEO of REVRY Damian Pelliccione and have the receipts to prove it.

Click on the interviews below to check out our fun moments we had with one and all. Since Sandel was pulled in so many directions that night, we also caught up a bit later to get more information about this amazing show and its road to the web.

“A few years ago I thought it would be fun to do a gay spoof of the ‘Real Housewives’ shows,” says Sandel. “I immediately thought of a trophy husband and his sugar daddy, a gym bunny circuit party couple, and an innocent young guy from the Midwest who’s discovering the SF gay scene for the first time.”

Sandel embraced the Judy Garland and Mickey Rooney idea of “Let’s Put on a Show” as he gathered some friends (actors and non-actors) and put to use his almost obsolete, dated flip video camera. But he discovered while he a creative person with a stage background and no video/film expertise, this was a great idea with a less than a spectacular end result.

“At a Pride party in June 2016, I met Damian Pelliccione and his partner Chris Rodriguez, who had just launched REVRY (which is basically an all-queer Netflix) and they were looking for original content,” he said. So he pitched them his gay husbands idea and they loved it and a reboot was born.

“The casting fell into place quickly since everyone was excited by the idea,” says Sandel.”But since we’ve got six principals plus at least four recurring roles and six interior locations, scheduling shooting days has been something of a nightmare,” he adds saying that while it’s only six episodes it took over a year to film due to everyone’s schedules.

He also feels very lucky to have been able to put together a great cast. “They are the ultimate dream team! It’s great fun to tailor the roles to the actor’s strengths and personalities. They’re all very busy, in-demand performers and I’m in awe of their dedication to the project.”

While only one season is completed, they’re starting to prep for a second season.

The show will premiere on Dec. 1 on REVRY’s multiple platforms.  Thanks to the partnerships REVRY has built, it will also air on Pluto TV and REVRY’s LGBT channel on Funny or Die.

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