Interconnecting Vignettes Add to Flavor of “Beautiful” Film Fest Favorite at Frameline and Outfest by Kevin M. Thomas


“Beautiful Something” is something beautiful. So it’s easy to see why I kept screwing up the title when I sat down and had a chit-chat with director/writer Joseph Graham and one of the  films’s actors Brian Sheppard.

Graham and Sheppard are out about town promoting their terrific film, which screens at San Francisco’s LGBTQ Film Festival June 22 and then moves on to Los Angeles Outfest July 16.

beaOur interview was hard to keep focused because I bonded so much with Graham in our email chats leading up to the interview that we almost seemed like friends who just needed to catch up with each other. It was so refreshing to have fun in a flirty way just setting up a time to meet. I might have found a new film friend as Graham also lives in San Francisco.

He also did promise a threeway, which he certainly delivered as he invited actor Sheppard to our interview.

It was fascinating to hear how Graham structured this movie which really seems like a several vignettes that, as soon as you think the stories are over, they crossover into other characters’ stories, adding more depth and a deeper level to every story.

Fun, sexy and original, “Beautiful Something” follows some interesting and passionate characters, including a sculptor, played by Tony nominee Colman Domingo (who we’ve interviewed and reviewed on Progessive Pulse in the past). There’s also a terrific story about a poet with writer’s block, played with great intensity by Sheppard.

Sheppard, who has made few films but long gaps in between, explains to us what he’s doing between movie roles.

You also might want to weigh in on how wonderful and worthwhile “Beautiful Something” is by catching it in San Francisco or Los Angeles.

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