“Noah’s Arc” Writer/Director Patrik-Ian Polk is back with his new film, “The Skinny”

Last Saturday FUSION, the film festival  for people of color produced by OUTFEST in Los Angels, honored Patrik-Ian Polk for his new film, “The Skinny”. The film is centered around a group of four young, black gay men and their lesbian best friend. They arrange to meet up in New York, a year after they have graduated from Brown University. The reunion starts off as a celebration, but quickly turns upside down as old tensions resurface combined with the new issues that urban life introduces into the lives of our main characters.

FUSION hosted a brunch at the house of actor/singer/writer, Scotch Ellis Loring and his partner, Todd Holland. In attendance were Daryl Stephens from “Noah’s Arc”,  who has a notable part in the new film and Jennia Frederique who played Brandi in the second season and film, “Noah’s Arc: Jumping the Broom”.

The brunch was culminated with an amazing performance by Daniel Joseph Baker who sang an original song written after he was booed and ridiculed for being gay on the show, “America’s Got Talent”. He followed up with Lady Gaga’s, “Edge of Glory”.

Check out pictures from the brunch and  watch the trailer for “The Skinny” below. Visit www.skinnythefilm.com for upcoming release dates.

Co-Creator's of Progressive Pulse, Vivian Rodriguez Meade & Steve V. Rodriguez with Writer/Director Patrik-Ian Polk

Editor Steve V. Rodriguez & Actor Daryl Stephens

Jennia Frederique with Editor Steve V. Rodriguez

Daniel Joseph Baker and Editor Steve V. Rodriguez