Finding Movie Gems Among the Holiday Blockbusters by Kevin M. Thomas

Ho Ho Show! The holiday movie rush is upon us. In the same month where everyone spends lots of money on presents, movies still do big business at the end of the year – even if they’re not “Twilight” or “Skyfall.” Christmas time is the last chance for a movie to qualify for Oscars. Movies […] Click to read more »

Will Swenson and Karen Olivo in "Murder Ballad"

Brilliant “Murder Ballad” Kills Off-Broadway by Kevin M. Thomas

“Murder Ballad”   – run and get tickets as it’s an amazing, intimate musical about a love triangle and is only playing a limited run at the Manhattan Theatre Club. And all tickets are only $30. In my trip to support the economy in New York since Sandy came to town, I couldn’t resist going […] Click to read more »

“Hustling” comes back – seconds anyone? by Kevin M. Thomas

We sat down for a second visit with the hot and talented Sebastian La Cause to discuss the second season of his award winning web series, “Hustling.” La Cause tells us of some of the great guests coming this season and how the monies raised from Kickstarter helped him enrich the episodes ahead. Click here […] Click to read more »

“Chaplin” brings star Rob McClure into the limelight by Kevin M. Thomas

  There’s never been a more loving postcard to old Hollywood than you will find with the musical “Chaplin,” playing on Broadway at the Ethel Barrymore Theatre. I was lucky enough to see this wonderful production on its pre-Broadway run at the La Jolla Playhouse and I think it’s gotten better since reaching New York. […] Click to read more »

Broadway “Performers” Surpass Expectations by Kevin M. Thomas

Bawdy, tawdry and terrific, “The Performers” brings porn to the foreground of the Great White Way and definitely leaves its mark.  The uproarious comedy which follows a porn star to see if he wins the coveted Adult Film Award is not to be missed. It is so funny that I snorted twice! Cheyenne Jackson is definitely […] Click to read more »

Political Artist, Catherine Tafur gets to the core of global politics by painting vivid imagery that digs deeper into the surface

Political art has the power to comment on global situations and often dig deeper into what lies at the core,  reflecting an alternative to what the media feeds it’s audience. Such is the case with artist, Catherine Tafur, in her new exhibition entitled, CORED, at Porter Contemporary in New York City. Unfortunately, CORED became slightly […] Click to read more »

Brian De Palma’s new thriller, “Passion” is a decadent tale of deception and betrayal with all the makings of a modern day film noir By: Steve V. Rodriguez

  It’s easy to get lost in beautiful women, architecture, style and acute aesthetics in Brian De Palma’s new film, “Passion”. Shot like a modern day film noir with use of shadows, color and lighting, the viewer is mesmerized by simple objects like a vibrant lipstick or an ornate watch worn by one of the […] Click to read more »

West Coast Premiere of Colman Domingo’s “Wild With Happy” is a cathartic journey to Disney World in search of redemption and peace By: Steve V. Rodriguez

It’s easy to fall in love with Colman Domingo, the actor who was nominated for a TONY for “The Scottsboro Boys” and starred in “Passing Strange”, which was truly ahead of it’s time for Broadway. The gifted actor is not afraid to grow and take risks as he continues to explore his own original material. […] Click to read more »

Rodriguez from the documentary, "Searching for Sugar Man"

Singer/Songwriter, Rodriguez, a solid 70, is a legend in the making By: Steve V. Rodriguez

By now you’ve heard the incredible story of Sixto Rodriguez in the critically acclaimed documentary, “Searching For Sugar Man”. We’ve certainly been talking about this film since we attended that original screening, and just last week, we were fortunate to see Rodriguez live at the El Rey theatre in Los Angeles. If you don’t know […] Click to read more »

GRACE on Broadway starring Paul Rudd and Michael Shannon

Broadway’s “Grace” deals with faith, guilt and life’s choices in Craig Wright’s new play starring Paul Rudd

The new Broadway play, “Grace”, written by Craig Wright (“Dirty Sexy Money”, “Six Feet Under”) challenges it’s character’s faith and limits of sanity when faced with life’s decisions and hardships. The suspenseful 100 minute piece is set against the peaceful backdrop of sunny Florida, which is benefited by Beowulf Boritt’s scenic design, David Weiner’s Lighting […] Click to read more »