Political Artist, Catherine Tafur gets to the core of global politics by painting vivid imagery that digs deeper into the surface

Political art has the power to comment on global situations and often dig deeper into what lies at the core,  reflecting an alternative to what the media feeds it’s audience. Such is the case with artist, Catherine Tafur, in her new exhibition entitled, CORED, at Porter Contemporary in New York City. Unfortunately, CORED became slightly overshadowed by Sandy, but I have no doubt that Tafur was inspired artistically in the wake of catastrophe. The painting “Revolution” was inspired by the Egyptian Revolution that occurred in Tahir Square, but depicts Greek statuesque athletes who appear to be deformed at the same time they are positioned as heros. “The Assassination of Osama bin Laden” pictured here, is a depiction of the infamous, ‘The Situation Room’ photo that was taken at The White House which features President Obama, The Vice President, military and security officials and Hilary Clinton watching a monitor on the raid of Osama bin Laden. Tafur could’t get the photo out of her head, mainly due to it’s wide and constant circulation, but she also reflected on the bridge from 9/11 into the time of capturing bin Laden. The result is a painting that points the mirror unto it’s audience, by creating a statement about the justification of killing. Watch the video below with artist Catherine Tafur. CORED: Paintings by Catherine Tafur runs through November 24th at Porter/Contempoary: 548 W. 28th Street, 3rd Floor. Visit www.portercontemporary.com or www.catherinetafur.com for more information.