San Francisco’s Top Director Brings Back “Hedwig” Musical to the Boxcar by Kevin M. Thomas

Nick A. Olivero is a talent that is too large to be contained in San Francisco. But don’t tell him as maybe he’d leave us to go to New York.

Perhaps his unique style and progressive productions keep him grounded in the Bay Area as maybe it’s just too avant garde for any place else.

I was lucky enough to sit down with Olivero on the set of “Hedwig and the Angry Inch,” celebrating a return engagement to the Boxcar Theatre.

Olivero seems to have re-invented the show he already re-invented when it played just a few months ago at the Boxcar. But the set looks totally different. Last time, it seemed more like a German dive bar and now it’s been transformed into a more cabaret style theatre, complete with cocktail tables. Olivero also answers the question about “X Factor” finalist Jason Brock return to “Hedwig”?

But we found out all of this and a lot more, click on to see our chat with San Francisco’s most artistic and creative directors, Nick Olivero.  For more information on tickets, go to: