“Transcendent” transcends Stereotypes and shines spotlight on Sisterhood by Kevin M. Thomas

  When there’s a party at San Francisco’s AsiaSF, you know you’re in for a treat. They are known to make bridal and corporate parties unforgettable. But Tuesday night, AsiaSF threw a more personal party – the premiere of “Transcendent,” a TV show debuting on the Fuse network Sept. 30 at 11:30pm EST. “Transcendent” is […] Click to read more »

Dragged Up “Sex and the City” Finds a New Oasis in San Francisco by Kevin M. Thomas

San Francisco got its sexy back. The drag “Sex and the City”€ has returned and in a new venue, SF Oasis. The drag version of the popular HBO show, that was even enjoyed by the show’€™s creator Darren Star when he came to see it last year,  has made some changes along the way in […] Click to read more »

HBO Series “Looking” Better Than Ever by Kevin M. Thomas

“Looking,” the gay hip San Francisco-based HBO series, returns Sunday, Jan. 11 to new and exciting episodes. The season premiere picks right up where it left off last year – Patrick and Agustin healing their wounds from broken romances by finding comfort in the arms of other men while Dom is trying on monogamy for […] Click to read more »

Cast of HBO's Looking

HBO Continues Its Dominance in Alternative Content with Good “Looking” New Series By Kevin M. Thomas

HBO previewed its new series “Looking” at the Castro Theatre this week and it was well received by an audience of locals, filmmakers and supporters of the Frameline Film Festival, who hosted the event. “Looking,” which premieres this Sunday at 10:30pm on HBO, is a loving tribute that showcases the beautiful city by the bay, […] Click to read more »

Jai Rodriguez talks “Hustling”, “Queer Eye” Reunion and producing “Bad Sex”

Recently I caught up with former “Queer Eye For the Straight Guy” cast member, Jai Rodriguez, while he was in town filming a scene for Sebastian La Cause’ award winning web series, “Hustling”. Rodriguez was also in town to film the 10-year reunion for “Queer Eye..”. Being a long time friend of La Cause, he […] Click to read more »

On the Set of “HUSTLING: The Final Season” with Sebastian La Cause

It’s hard to believe that “Hustling” the award winning web series by Sebastian La Cause is entering it’s third and final season. Will Ryan Crosby find a new life path outside of porn,  and will he reunite with his Mom (Sharon Washington)? Will his best friend, Jay (Andrew Glaszek) become a porn star? And what’s […] Click to read more »

Peaches Christ Keeps Busy Beyond “Nine to Five” by Kevin M. Thomas

Joshua Grannell’s drag persona Peaches Christ has been in so many “trans”ed” up productions that her resume is as impressive as anyone on the stage today. “Showgirls,” “Mommie Dearest,” “Grey Gardens,” “Carrie,” “Silence of the Lambs,” “Death Becomes Her” and even “Xanadu” have all been camped up and brought to life on stage. With excitement surrounding every […] Click to read more »

"Madness Ends" on Season Finale of American Horror Story: Asylum

Insight behind Season 2 of American Horror Story with Ryan Murphy and Jessica Lange plus Season 3 forecast By Steve V. Rodriguez

As the doors closed on Briar Cliff in the season finale of American Horror Story: Asylum, appropriately titled, “Madness Ends”, we chat with the creator, Ryan Murphy and it’s star, Jessica Lange about the original inspiration for this dark season, the acting approach and what we can look forward to in Season 3. At a […] Click to read more »