Web Series – “Hustling” Star/Creator Gives Cause to Look Deeper by Kevin Thomas

Sebastian La Cause in "Hustling"

He’s hot. He’s talented. And you’ve seen him.

Sebastian La Cause is one of those sexy talents that you may remember seeing as his model good looks aren’t easy to forget. But his talent also can’t be denied – from the muscular Rocky in “The Rocky Horror Show” or one of the cheating husbands from the Cell Block Tango number in the movie “Chicago,” La Cause stands out – even if his name doesn’t.

But like anyone who might have been more famous for their looks, La Cause has reinvented himself into a renaissance man – behind the camera as well as in front.

Check out our interview with the star/writer/director/editor/etc. from the hit web series “Hustling.”

In our chat, La Cause relates his role as a hustler/porn star into really any job when you know a career change lies ahead, but you may not always know what it is.

Click on the link to our interview to hear how La Cause was thrown into the fire, having to master everything behind the camera as well as in front.

To see and subscribe to La Cause’s (already) award winning web series, go to www.youtube.com/user/slacause http://blip.tv/HustlingTheWebSeries or the official website: hustling.tv

First season just ended, so catch up now before season two begins.

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  1. stevev says:

    This series can also be watched on your Apple Tv via Youtube or better yet Air Play via your iPad! The 8 episodes can be viewed in one night and will leave you wanting another season soon.