Web Series – Multi-talented McCollum found it easy to submit to musical web series by Kevin M. Thomas

Photo: Laura Domela

Missing your soaps? Can’t make it to Broadway?

Don’t worry – “Submissions Only” bridges the gap between soaps and Broadway – all in fun, comical and musical episodes on the web.

We were lucky to sit down with the multi-talented Wade McCollum who actually doesn’t appear in “Submissions” until the second season, but he has a lot to say about the show.

And while “Submissions” is an internet show, McCollum’s true passion is the theatre. We ask him about the future of “Fly by Night,” a musical he played to acclaim in the Bay Area and about his own music, which can be downloaded on iTunes.

Will McCollum stay with “Submissions Only”? Will he take “Fly by Night” to Broadway? Is there another CD in his future? Like the soaps, tune in tomorrow. Or wait, click right now and get some of the answers.

You can sample McCollum’s music and learn more about him at www.wadesong.com. To catch up on “Submissions,” go to broadwayworld.com/submissionsonly.cfm or www.youtube.com/user/SubmissionsOnlyTV.