What to Consider Before Getting Inked plus One Woman’s Inspiring Story of Leaving the Corporate World for Tattoo Art

Getting Inked

After meeting Maryse Forget, a Canadian, on the beaches of Puerto Vallarta over six months ago, and finding out she owned her own tattoo studio, I was invited by her to tour her business. The organic meeting met me with perfect timing as I was considering getting my second tattoo in the next few months. I was very impressed with the cleanliness, style, art and emphasis on proper hygiene for Forget’s studio, that six months later I knew where I wanted to get my current tattoo. Waiting this period of time proved to be on my side, as I was able to naturally decide on the perfect artwork, plus Maryse had just added a new artist, Omar who is not only incredibly talented, but is a pleasure to work with. My tattoo took over 10 hours, but the work was beautifully executed and I am very happy. Also, Maryse spent a good portion of that time sitting across from me offering me a beer, and better yet gracing me with her vibrant spirit. I was impressed at how she gave up her corporate world career in Canada and decided to move herself, and son to Puerto Vallarta, and open not one, but two tattoo studios. Read my Q&A with Maryse below and find out what Top Things you should consider before getting inked. Visit The Studio Tattoo: www.studiotattoopv.com or Like on Facebook: Facebook.com/studiotattoopv

Progressive Pulse: Before moving to PV, what were you doing for work?

Maryse Forget: I was a Real Estate developer/ Real Estate agent previously I came to PV and bought my home to retire.  A divorce and a desire to work again.

Progressive Pulse:  How did decide you wanted to open your own tattoo studio?

Maryse Forget:  I choose a tattoo studio because of a talented artist that I had met. I felt that with my skill in managing and marketing product like residential and commercial real estate, with his raw skill and the increasing demand for skin art the dynamic duo would be a hit.

Progressive Pulse:  How did your former life/work prepare you for your current tattoo studios and this life?

tattoo artMaryse Forget:   My previous work skill is an asset. I have worked with hundreds of people in a very personal type fashion. Buying a home is incredibly intimate. So is getting a tattoo The difference of course is the price. A tattoo is a lot less, but in no way any less of a major life long decision. So the juxtaposition of the two careers are very beautifully similar.

Progressive Pulse:  Is being a female and Canadian ever present any obstacles or challenges having a business in Mexico?

Maryse Forget:   As a matter a fact being a female owning a business in Mexico has been a gift, because there are so many Canadian tourist here. I have had a very long history of working with men so, I guess I just have learned how to get a long in a testosterone filled environment. I rather enjoy our team, and I feel very fortunate that they educate me daily.

Editor, Steve V. Rodriguez's Tattoo from The Studio Tattoo in PV

Editor, Steve V. Rodriguez’s Tattoo from The Studio Tattoo in PV

Progressive Pulse:  What is most important to you regarding your business? The artists, clients or reputation?

Maryse Forget: When it comes to being who is most important, I can not say one is more than the other. My artists and clients, are everything to me, they make my reputation. I love them and treat them equally like gold. Without either of them I wouldn’t have a good reputation. I am so blessed to have the great people who have come threw my doors, both artists and guests.

Progressive Pulse:  Why do you hire artists that are Mexican exclusively and why is this important to you?

Maryse Forget:  I only hire Mexican artist because I feel that there are so many amazingly fantastic national artist here.  I truly want to give them the most amount of exposure as possible. Mexico gave me this beautiful opportunity to have a business that I love,  and that is doing well. I believe that it is only fair that in turn I should support the organic talent that Mexico is more than happy to allow us to discover.

Progressive Pulse:  With a second studio open now, what’s next for you?

Maryse Forget:  With my second studio well on its way, I  have just launched this week actually my permanent make up. I am doing a cool launch in studio 2 for the low season and we are planing a new boutique styled Studio close to my first studio.

The Top Things to Consider before getting Inked By Maryse Forget

  1. No impulse ink! Get a tattoo that you love and that has a meaning or a true value to you. It is art, so wear it with pride.  It’s  a part of you  and is really a statement of who you are
  2. Research your artist and the studio that he or she is working in. The style of Ink that you are looking for may vary from one artist to another. Some artists excel in portraits,  while others excel in old school etc. Be sure that you find the right match for your skin art.
  3. The studio should be hygienic, and follow all of the mandatory practices and standards regulated by the health and safety board.
  4. Size does not matter! Not when it comes to a tattoo at least. Focus on selecting the tattoo that you desire.
  5. Do not be frugal. A tattoo is where you should really splurge. We have all seen bad ink. It’s because people have been stingy and wanted to save a buck. Guess what?  It shows! Treat yourself to the best artist that you can. It will be one of the best investments you can make.
  6. Remember this is forever, even though you can have tattoos removed by laser. It is an extremely painful procedure,  and even more so expensive. Be convinced with your decision, and enjoy.