Talk With “Appropriate Behavior” Director Was Anything But By Kevin M. Thomas

Desiree Akhavan is a name that will soon be on everyone’s list and everyone’s A list. She’s a beautiful, intelligent, friendly and talented individual who happens to be the creative force behind one of Outfest’s best narrative features, “Appropriate Behavior.” I caught up with Desiree shortly after her successful screening at San Francisco’s Frameline Film Festival […] Click to read more »

"Kidnapped For Christ"

A Reform School for Kids that Uses Christianity to Attract the Parents, but it’s the Abuse that is Uncovered in “Kidnapped For Christ”

Produced by Lance Bass and directed by Kate S. Logan, “Kidnapped for Christ” plays out like a mystery/drama as a young Evangelical Filmmaker, Logan travels to a Christian Dominican Republic school to film what she believes is a positive behavioral modification program for ‘troubled teens’ but quickly discovers the shocking secrets of what is really occurring […] Click to read more »

Tony Sullivan & Richard Adams

Government Labeled “Faggot” Shares His Life Long Fight For Equality & Love in Outfest Interview by Kevin M. Thomas

Tony Sullivan’s story is one that is hard to believe. If he were straight, he would have had a fairy tale love story that was free of prejudice and a 40 year fight with the American legal system. Sullivan, half of a beautiful couple with his partner Richard Adams, has spent most of his life […] Click to read more »


Outfest Film Festival Whets Appetite With a Buffet of Emerging Filmmakers and Gay Icons by Kevin M. Thomas

Making a list of the best films of Outfest may seem like déjà vu as many of the top films I was able to see prior to the festival also played at Frameline. But still there are some nice additions to the list of the best films of Outfest, which plays in Los Angeles July […] Click to read more »

Roberto Aguire & Robin Williams in BOULEVARD

Robin Williams depicts a man who’s living a lie, but tempted by a young escort in the new film, BOULEVARD By Steve V. Rodriguez Outfest Screening July 13

What happens when you live a lie and deny who you really are? Well often what follows is undue stress, sickness, wasting time and hurting others. The last two are present in the new film, “Boulevard”, starring Robin Williams, who plays, Nolan, a  60 year old man who loves his wife, but has denied his […] Click to read more »

The Way He Looks 1

The Coming of Age Film, THE WAY HE LOOKS, is in line with the Next Wave of Gay Cinema that Focuses Less on Sexual Orientation, than with a Solid Storyline By Steve V. Rodriguez

From Brazil comes this sweet film that looks at three angst ridden teens in high school, who are all trying to fit in. What makes it different is director, Daniel Ribeiro’s approach to not have his actors over act, or fall into a campier method of writing a la ‘Glee’ or ‘G.B.F.’. The latter really […] Click to read more »

"I Always Said Yes: The Many Lives of Wakefield Poole"

The new documentary, I ALWAYS SAID YES: THE MANY LIVES OF WAKEFIELD POOLE is one part history and another part blueprint for reinvention By Steve V. Rodriguez

Have you heard of Wakefield Poole? I hadn’t but, now he’s my new hero for reinvention! Sure, I could skip the ups and downs of finances he endured as well as the drug addiction, but  what great artist of our time hasn’t had one or both of these at some point, and still managed to […] Click to read more »

Rajesh Tailang as Mahendra Saini speaks with a child at the Sea Wall in Mumbai in SIDDHARTH. A film by Richie Mehta. A Zeitgeist Films release.

SIDDHARTH Sheds Light on the Ever Growing Increase in Global Child Labor, Abduction and Abuse Opens Friday, June 27 By Meera-Kamra Kelsey

Movie Review: Siddharth 2013, Hindi language with subtitles, 96 minutes Director: Richie Mehta (Mississauga, Ontario, Canada) Main actors: Rajesh Tailang (the father, Mahendra Saini) Tannishtha Chatterjee (the mother, Suman Saini) Opens in select theatres on June 27, 2014. The behemoth of Hindi language films is in main, light entertainment for the masses. Within this genre, […] Click to read more »


Celebrate Progressive Fashion as Art with FIVE AND DIAMOND in SF this Saturday, 6/27 at 1015 Folsom featuring Gelareh

Five and Diamond proudly presents Metamorphose – a 7 year anniversary celebration expressed through art and music. This event’s inspiration was to celebrate the diversity in the Five and Diamond culture and bring artists together to collaborate in making a beautiful community experience. Featuring 4 rooms of music for 4 different experiences from 10pm-4am, we […] Click to read more »


Tranny or Drag, and Gay Male Porn by a Woman: Just a Day in the Lives of Two of SF’s “Local Legends” by Kevin M. Thomas

   What happens when you sit down with two local legends in the hopes to learn more about them and their short films in the Frameline’s 38th Annual LGBT Film Festival? Well a lot of laughs and then a whole bunch of information. Their shorts are part of a collection called “Local Legends” and screens […] Click to read more »