“Send Your Love” to Nepal in the Devastating Aftermath of Earthquakes with the Help from Incognito

Art can stimulate, inspire and sometimes ignite people into action. This is the case of the British sensation, Incognito and their current single, “Send Your Love: A Song For Nepal”, as Bluey and Incognito have penned and produced an uplifting soulful track where all of the funds from the single will be donated to UNICEF […] Click to read more »


“Grey Gardens” Is a Musical That Takes You From Sunshine to Gloom by Kevin M. Thomas

The story of “Grey Gardens” is a fascinating one. The real life tale of big and little Edie Beale, relatives to Jacqueline Bouvier Kennedy, who go from riches to squalor is an interesting story. The Edies first made it into the public eye through the great 1975 documentary – a film that is listed among […] Click to read more »


SF’s “Heathers” Musical Is So Tasty You’ll Want to Lick It Up By Kevin M. Thomas

Well fuck me gently with a chainsaw, as “Heathers,”  the musical based upon the 1988 cult film, is  playing in San Francisco through June 13. The satirical story of Veronica and JD who plot murders to end the cliques in high school, lead by a trio of Heathers, has made quite a journey from LA […] Click to read more »

Janey Brown

Her Name is, JANEY BROWN…A Musical Force Ready to Launch – Featured Artist

It never ceases to amaze me how connected we truly are and if you have an open heart you can really allow so much positivity into your life. Such is the case with our new Featured Artist, Janey Brown who came my way via a BFF who took a yoga/meditation class in Santa Monica at the wonderful […] Click to read more »


Street Chic When the Weather is Truly a Spring Day in NYC with Carlton Jones

How do you approach a truly Spring day in New York City when the weather is raining in the morning, overcast in the later morning/early afternoon and bursting with sunshine in the afternoon? Carlton Jones set out last week to find out how New Yorkers define their style and how they tackle changing weather patterns […] Click to read more »


“Aloft” is a Mesmerizing Story of Gifts and Choices Starring Jennifer Connelly

  At the recent Tribeca Film Festival, we had no idea what to expect from the film “Aloft”, other than it starred an actress we admired, Jennifer Connelly. Both visually powerful and intently deep, Claudia Llosa’s film will leave an indelible impression on the viewer. Questions of love, faith and the choices we make are […] Click to read more »


The Inner Detective in Us Sparkles in the New Book, ‘Introducing: Sunfish & Starfish Tropical Drag Queen Detectives”

If you’re looking for a fun and fast paced Summer read that’s a little bit off-kilter like your favorite binge watching shows on Netflix, then you need not look any further than Wallace Godrey’s novel, “Introducing: Sunfish & Starfish Tropical Drag Queen Detectives”.  Godfrey’s first novel is an indulgent page turner detective story set in […] Click to read more »


For The Record: “Baz” Is Worth a Trip to Los Angeles

I hate when I come to the party late. In the case of “For The Record Live” I am years late. My friend and editor,  Vivian Meade caught “Tarantino” last year and hasn’t stopped talking about it (See Interview)  Every time a Quentin Tarantino movie is on, she makes reference to the live Los Angeles show […] Click to read more »

Tom Nelis, Chita Rivera, Chris Newcomer - Photo Credit: T Charles Erickson

Tony Nominated “The Visit” Puts Chita Rivera Back on Top by Kevin M. Thomas

Some things are worth the wait. After a pre-Broadway tryout 14 years ago, John Kander and Fred Ebb’s “The Visit” finally makes it to the Great White Way.  Perhaps a bit shorter than its original Chicago production, but Chita Rivera still remains the lead and is still in good form. The musical icon is up for […] Click to read more »


Then, Now and Forever, The ‘Soul’ of Tortured Soul Reigns – Album Review By Eric D. Baca

In the spring of 2006 we booked Tortured Soul to play our weekly soulful house music gathering, Devotion at the legendary Endup nightclub in San Francisco.  As soon as the crowd of loyal house heads felt the heavy bass & groove driven rhythm of “I Might Do Something Wrong” they would be forever devoted to […] Click to read more »