The Fashion Moda in Jamaica is more than ready to walk the Global Runway

Accepting the invitation of Kerry Ann Clark to attend the third annual Collection Moda, allowed me a thorough insight on the quickly changing landscape of fashion in the Caribbean. The Collection Moda is a brilliant weekend in Kingston Jamaica showcasing some of the best emerging talent in the industry in addition to established international designers. […] Click to read more »


Deep House Release, “Feelings” by DJ Norman Jay feat. Natalie Wood off Salted Music

Always a sucker for new vocal House gems to keep the groove flowing, Salted Music, led by Miguel Migs just released, “Feelings” by newcomer, DJ Russ Jay (son of the legendary DJ Norman Jay). Heavy bass beats fuse with Woods ethereal, yet soulful vocals. The pair is a match in blissful heaven. The original track […] Click to read more »

Blue Six Signs & Wonders

Ethereal Magic Continues for a New Era on Blue Six’s, “Signs & Wonders”

It’s been awhile, four years actually,  since we heard from the ethereal magic from producer, Jay Denes and his Naked Music sounds,  entitled Blue Six. “Signs & Words” just recently dropped and fans of Blue Six will not be disappointed as the ethereal grooves live on with the benefit of live guitars,  and heavy bass […] Click to read more »

"Shakespeare's R&J"

Theatre Bay Area is So Gay this Fall! by Kevin M. Thomas

There is a lot of progressive and independent shows that have a gay twist or theme. Heck, even the big Broadway shows like “Kinky Boots” have a GLBT theme this season. Left Coast Theatre Company is continuing their semi-annual collection of short gay plays. This season’s collection of shorts is “Shock & Awww,” playing at […] Click to read more »


Sting’s “Ship” of Dreams Hits the Broadway Stage by Kevin M. Thomas

It’s hard to believe that the new Broadway musical “The Last Ship” has a lot in common with 2013′s “Kinky Boots.” But once you think about it, the similarities are apparent. More than being two shows with songs by popular musical icons (Sting with “The Last Ship” and Cyndi Lauper with “Kinky Boots”), both shows […] Click to read more »


Sexy “Kinky Boots” Dances Its Way From Broadway to LA to SF by Kevin M. Thomas

“Kinky Boots” has become a buzz again with some new cast members on Broadway and a tour currently playing in Los Angeles. I caught up with the current Broadway production to prepare me for when it comes to San Francisco in December. Okay, so I really didn’t need to prep for its San Francisco production, […] Click to read more »

Ricardo Seco

Mexican Designer, Ricardo Seco Expands His Scope to Include Womenswear and Draws Inspiration from the Wixárika Tribe for Spring 2015

Ricardo Seco  drew inspiration from the Wixárika Indian tribe of Mexico drawing the vibrant colors of this indigenous culture as colorful accents against his black, white and gray palette for Spring 2015. We were fascinated by the urban use of leather, drop crotch pants and cut-out fabrics that gave the look a city vibe with […] Click to read more »


Nasty Ass Bitch Keeps The “Hella” and “Gay” in Hella Gay Comedy by Kevin M. Thomas

Bejeweled in the latest Thrift Town accessories and smelling actually quite lovely in the dollar store perfume she’s calling “the luck of the draw” because she couldn’t remember the name from the one she grabbed from the bin, I had a nice little chat with  Nasty Ass Bitch about Hella Gay Comedy. Don’t think I’m […] Click to read more »

Adam Odsess-Rubin, Taj Campbell. Photo by Lois Tema

A Striped Down, All-Male Version of Romeo & Juliet entitled, “Shakespeares’s R& J” in San Francisco by Kevin M. Thomas

Ben Randle wears many hats. When you see him, you can see why as he would look good in any hat. Yet the handsome professional’s contribution to the arts seems more behind the scenes instead of in the spotlight. First and foremost, he’s a top notch public relations professional for the New Conservatory Theatre Center. There’s […] Click to read more »