"Eat With Me"

“Eat With Me” – Worth the Wait by Kevin M. Thomas

We all really should take advantage of more film festivals. Sometimes we discover some great gems that may never get the distribution they deserve. Other times, it takes almost a year before the movie hits the general public. As is the case of “Eat With Me,” coming to On-Demand on May 5 and on DVD […] Click to read more »

"Bridgend" Narrative Film

“Bridgend”, the film speculates on a possible, yet horrifying conclusion that’s taken numerous young lives By Steve V. Rodriguez

“Bridgend”, the narrative film by Jeppe Ronde, not to be confused with the documentary by the same name by John Michael Williams,  recently played at the Tribeca Film Festival rounding out  a year for the festival filled with themes like addiction and the decline of society as we know it. In this case Ronde’s film […] Click to read more »


SF International Film Festival: Winding Down But Still Plenty To See Including Director’s Cut of “54” by Kevin M. Thomas

The San Francisco International Film Festival is in full swing. The festival, which runs through May 7, had tributes to big Hollywood stars like Richard Gere to great talents behind the screen such as writer Paul Schrader and director Guillermo del Toro, both Oscar winners. In addition, audiences are treated to a diverse array of […] Click to read more »


Richard Gere is FRANNY, a likable, overbearing and toxic character who tries to control a young couple’s future By Steve V. Rodriguez

“Franny”, which just played at the recent Tribeca Film Festival, is a mesmerizing look at a young couple’s invasion by a man named Franny, played boldly by Richard Gere. “Franny” stars Dakota Fanning (Olivia) and Theo James (Luke) who play a young couple about to have a baby, while Luke is fresh out of med […] Click to read more »

Gennadiy Mokhnenko, subject of the Documentary, "Crocodile Gennadiy"

Meet Gennadiy, a Savior to the Children of Ukraine Who Live on the Streets Addicted to Drugs in the Documentary, Crocodile Gennadiy By Steve V. Rodriguez

The new documentary, “Crocodile Gennadiy” which premiered at the recent Tribeca Film Festival shows a gritty and heartbreaking profile of the current realities in the Ukraine relating to displaced children who live on the streets and are addicted to drugs. There’s one man who’s made it his mission to save these children,  his name is […] Click to read more »

Ed Harris and James Franco in "The Adderall Diaries"

THE ADDERALL DIARIES by Pamela Romanowsky tackles big emotions and digs deep into the world of Writer, Stephen Elliott – Tribeca Film Fest Premiere

Extracting elements from a story and turning it into a film can’t be an easy task, especially when the subject is still alive and likely going to view the film. Such is the case for the new film, “The Adderall Diaries”, based on the memoir, by and about Stephen Elliott, the film stars James Franco […] Click to read more »

Still 3 - Michelle Hendley and Alexandra Turshen - Courtesy of Wolfe Video

BOY MEETS GIRL Takes a Fresh and Modern Spin on Discovering Love Regardless of Gender By Steve V. Rodriguez

BOY MEETS GIRL, by writer and director Eric Schaeffer takes a fresh and modern spin on the coming of age romance between a boy and a girl, which involves Ricky (Michelle Hendley),  born a boy, who now identifies as a girl, has a best friend (Michael Welch) who is a boy,  and decides to pursue a […] Click to read more »


Sexy Men Show Their “Baloney” in Show of Humor & Titillation by Kevin M, Thomas

Chippendales and Thunder From Down Under have all come to San Francisco. They perform to a room full of screaming women, making it rain dollars and more as they make the “Magic Mike” dream come true for bridal parties and horny women. That same fun spirit and sexiness can be seen in “Baloney,” coming back […] Click to read more »


Getting Chummy With Accomplished Actor/Writer/Director & Talking About His “WTFamily” by Kevin M. Thomas

Rodney “Rhoda” Taylor has made a mark on the San Francisco theatre scene. We met up with him at the Hotel Mark Twain to discuss how his roles at Left Coast Theatre Company have blossomed over the years, reaching its pinnacle in the company’s current production, “WTFamily,” running through April 25 at the Shelton Theatre. […] Click to read more »


“The Truth” versus “The Intimate Truth” Demands a Deeper Listen from Artist, Ledisi By Steve V. Rodriguez

Being from the San Fransisco, Bay Area we’ve always had our share of musicians and recording artists who’ve got their start on the local scene. One of those artists, Ledisi became a SF favorite for me years ago, and it was her early album, “Soul Singer” that made a lasting impact on my ears, while […] Click to read more »