Nasty Ass Bitch Keeps The “Hella” and “Gay” in Hella Gay Comedy by Kevin M. Thomas

Bejeweled in the latest Thrift Town accessories and smelling actually quite lovely in the dollar store perfume she’s calling “the luck of the draw” because she couldn’t remember the name from the one she grabbed from the bin, I had a nice little chat with  Nasty Ass Bitch about Hella Gay Comedy. Don’t think I’m […] Click to read more »

Adam Odsess-Rubin, Taj Campbell. Photo by Lois Tema

A Striped Down, All-Male Version of Romeo & Juliet entitled, “Shakespeares’s R& J” in San Francisco by Kevin M. Thomas

Ben Randle wears many hats. When you see him, you can see why as he would look good in any hat. Yet the handsome professional’s contribution to the arts seems more behind the scenes instead of in the spotlight. First and foremost, he’s a top notch public relations professional for the New Conservatory Theatre Center. There’s […] Click to read more »

airplane loyalty programs

What’s your Loyalty Worth? Airline Reward Programs By Jason Will

Editor’s Introduction: Jason Will, CEO of ZipKick and Avid Traveler is a new contributor to Progressive Pulse and will be sharing travel tips and information.  Check out his first article below.  Also check out our interview with Jason regarding the ZipKick Travel App http://bit.ly/1sWUv4 Do you need just a few more flights to reach Silver, Gold, […] Click to read more »

Celebrity Chef, Kristin Sollenne and Designer, Mauricio Alpizar

Executive Chef of Bocca Di Bocco, Kristin Sollenne talks Food, Fashion and her Charity the H.O.P.E Foundation

Executive Chef, Kristin Sollenne is a very busy woman as Executive Chef of the popular,  and expanding Bocca di Bocco in New York City, Sollenne recently opened up the 9th avenue doors of the restaurant for New York Fashion Week, featuring the designs of Mauricio Alpizar. Guests nibbled on tasty bites from Sollenne’s kitchen as […] Click to read more »


Singer Angela Moyra talks New Album, “Fickle Island”, Touring and Her Inspiration, Jack Johnson

Our new featured artist, Angela Moyra just released her new debut album, “Fickle Island” first in the Netherlands, her origins,  and now here in the States. Although Angela has her own unique sounds, listeners who are fans of Corinne Bailey Rae and Jack Johnson will likely gravitate to Moyra’s music. Recently, the artist played in New […] Click to read more »


ZipKick Travel App provides a personalized, smart and easy travel planning experience

We here at Progressive Pulse love to travel, so we are always looking for ways to enhance our travel experience, but sometimes it’s frustrating with all the research that goes into planning the trip that you have to wonder why someone hasn’t created an app that makes that part easier?  Well good news, there’s a […] Click to read more »


Spilling the Tea and Feeling the Shade on the Drag Redux of San Francisco’s “Absolutely Fabulous” by Kevin M. Thomas

We had an absolutely fabulous chat with the stars from the Royal British Comedy Theatre as we caught them rehearsing to return with new live episodes of the first season of  TV’s “Absolutely Fabulous” at San Francisco’s StageWerx. The girls, or the day we met with them they were mostly men as they don’t rehearse […] Click to read more »


Bianca Jagger and The 70′s are the Inspiration for Mauricio Alpizar’s Summer 2015 Sensual Womenswear Collection

The 70′s, Bianca Jagger and a general love of Latin sensuality were all the inspiration for Mauricio Alpizar’s Summer 2015 collection for New York Fashion Week. Plenty of white and Alpizar’s original print were the backdrop for flowing two piece ensembles and flowing dresses. Short and long jumpsuits conjuring up the 70′s also made for […] Click to read more »


“The Gayest Straight Movie” Begins Theatrical Run in NY and LA by Kevin M. Thomas

“The gayest straight movie ever made” is opening in New York this week, Los Angeles next week– and, if they have it their way, soon at a theatre near you.  “Eternity: The Movie” is a campy 1980s spoof about a musical duo who bond over broads and poor fashion and has become a darling at […] Click to read more »

Giovanni Cattleya

Giovanni Cattleya Present the Ultimate in Bespoke Attire for the Modern Man Who Enjoys Exotic Opulence

Menswear by the name, Giovanni Cattleya, comprised of select stylists and artisans,  and led by creative director Rafi Sahanoor and Founder and CFO, Olga Yermolenko, presented at New York Fashion Week a collection of the ultimate in bespoke attire for the man, with exotic opulence. Presented at The Highline Hotel’s,  The Reflectory, which was a […] Click to read more »