Films of Families, Drugs and Conflicts Make For a Great Way to End Spring by Kevin M. Thomas

Film festival favorites are making a strong showing the second half of May. Truly one of the most delightful films from any festival, “Margarita, with a Straw” not only will be on DVD and VOD in June, but it will have a theatrical run starting May 20 at Los Angeles’ Arena Cinema, in San Francisco’s […] Click to read more »

"On Your Feet"

Broadway Abuzz With Diversity And Can’t Follow #OscarsSoWhite Come Tony Time by Kevin M. Thomas

With the Tony Award nominations being announced May 3, there is no way they can suffer the same fate as #OscarsSoWhite as almost half of every show that is in consideration has an ethnically diverse cast and creative team. So the color purple  shouldn’t be the only color sparkling come Tony time. The likely leader […] Click to read more »

"52 Tuesdays"

Film Festival Favorites Ready To View On Your Own Screen by Kevin M. Thomas

This is an exciting time to create your own film festival at home. Many fest favorites are coming to DVD and VOD in the new month – some even will have a quick theatrical run prior. I love film festivals so I can discover little gems that won’t ever play a multiplex. It’s fun to find  a movie and […] Click to read more »

Jeremiah Tower The Last Magnificent

Thank you Bourdain for Reminding Us of the Original Celebrity Chef, Jeremiah Tower in New Documentary – TFF Premiere

It’s time for the world to know Jeremiah Tower: one of the original leaders in elevating California Cuisine, gastronomy and the man who turned the restaurant into a fabulous stage. It took a rebel like Anthony Bourdain to recognize and acknowledge Tower, who seemingly fell off the face of the planet, except for a brief, and […] Click to read more »

Nelsan Ellis, Armani Jackson and Melanie Lynskey star in "Little Boxes"

“Little Boxes” Explores Growing Up Biracial and the Small Defining Boxes that Compartmentalize Our Culture By Steve V. Rodriguez – TFF Premiere

In the new film “Little Boxes”, which premiered at Tribeca Film Festival and was just acquired by Netflix, a family relocates from the Big Apple to the suburbs when the mother, played by Melanie Lynskey obtains a prominent position in the art department of a university. Relocating to any new city is a big deal, […] Click to read more »

Anna Wintour, Andrew Bolton, and Wendi Murdoch in THE FIRST MONDAY IN MAY, a Magnolia Pictures release. Photo courtesy of Magnolia Pictures.

“The First Monday in May”: Go Behind the Glamour to Witness the Political Side of this Huge Annual Benefit – TFF Premiere By Steve V. Rodriguez

The new documentary, “The First Monday in May” goes behind the scenes into the most glamorous, star studded event that occurs once a year in New York at the Metropolitan Museum of Art on, you guessed it, the first Monday in May. Most people are aware of the fashion extravaganza that fills social media and […] Click to read more »

Susan Sarandon as Marnie with Jerrod Carmichael as Freddy in THE MEDDLER

Susan Sarandon Shines in New Film, “The Meddler” Shedding a Brilliant Light on a Different Generation Other than Youth By Steve V. Rodriguez

In the new film, Susan Sarandon plays Marnie, who copes with the loss of her late husband by moving to Los Angeles to make her daughter Lori(Rose Byrne) her new hobby, thus paving the way for the title, “The Meddler”.  Constantly showing up unannounced at her daughter’s house with bagels and leaving multiple daily messages […] Click to read more »

Memories Poster

A Conversation with Filmmaker, Cecilia Aldarondo – Revealing Duality of her Uncle’s Two Lives

In her first film, filmmaker Cecilia Aldarondo introspectively sheds more light to us about her beautiful and engaging documentary, “Memories of a Penitent Heart”  about her uncle’s life Miguel.  What Aldarondo is able to assemble with the usage of 8mm tapes that her mother gives her is a fascinating mystery into her uncle’s seemingly two […] Click to read more »

Niyar Sikia as Lakshmi in the film SOLD

SOLD the Movie Paints a Vivid Story of the Atrocities of Child Trafficking and One Girl’s Strength to Break Free By Steve V. Rodriguez

We’ve all heard of the horrible atrocities of human trafficking, but the new film “Sold”, paints a vivid portrayal and account of one girl’s experiences and ultimate strength to regain her freedom. Based on the novel by the same name by Patricia McCormick, “Sold” tells the story of a girl, Lakshmi, from Nepal who is sold […] Click to read more »

Don Cheadle as Miles Davis in "Miles Ahead"

Don Cheadle Should Remain “Miles Ahead” of Competition Come Next Oscar Season by Kevin M. Thomas

To say “Miles Ahead” is an excellent documentary and will likely be remembered at awards season next year would be an inaccurate statement. Not because the film is substandard in any way. It’s because it’s not a documentary. Star/director/co-writer Don Cheadle has managed to bring Miles Davis back to life, channeling the jazz legend’s essence […] Click to read more »