Porn New York Icon’s Life Made Memorable In Newfest Documentary by Kevin M. Thomas

Wakefield Poole. People haven’t heard that name as much as they did in the glory days of porn. But there’s a fascinating and enlightening movie called “I Always Said Yes: The Many Lives of Wakefield Poole” coming to New York’s Newfest July 28 and it definitely needs to be sought out.  “Yes” shows how Poole […] Click to read more »


Newfest Film Festival Brings the Best of Outfest to New York by Kevin M. Thomas

The little sister film festival of Los Angeles’ Outfest begins July 24 in New York City. With screenings mostly at New York’s Film Society of Lincoln Center, the 26th annual Newfest is a more compact film festival that runs through July 29 and highlights the best of Outfest. Here are some titles most worthy of checking […] Click to read more »

Eric Wyatt CD cover front

Saxophonist Eric Wyatt pays homage to his hometown Brooklyn in his new album Borough of Kings

Saxophonist Eric Wyatt’s new album is out, Borough of Kings and I had a chance to catch up with him the last time I was in New York to talk about some of his inspirations for the music. Check out my on-camera interview with Eric below to also hear how he met Miles Davis when he was […] Click to read more »

Tiger Orange film

“Tiger Orange” is a beautiful film that explores the sibling rivalry of two Gay Brothers in small town America

“Tiger Orange” is a film about two very different gay Brothers who come together in the small central valley town they grew up in after their Father, who has raised the boys as a single Dad, has passed away. The film explores questions like “What’s it like  growing up with a gay sibling” and especially in […] Click to read more »

Jesuita Barbosa and Wagner Moura in "Futuro Beach"

“Futuro Beach” is a transitory and visual story told in three parts about how love can change the course of life By Steve V. Rodriguez

Told in three parts, “Futuro Beach” is a transitory film that begins in the volatile beaches of Brazil and transports the viewer to the ever-evolving city of Berlin. Director, Karim Ainouz ignites his film with a visual and aggressive start featuring two German motorcyclists in full throttle heading to the beach. The extreme sport launch has the […] Click to read more »


Greg Louganis Tells Us Of Life After the Olympics As He Preps for Outfest by Kevin M. Thomas

Making a documentary about someone who has spent most of his life in the public eye isn’t easy. One would think we knew all there is about Greg Louganis. And we’d be wrong. I had the great honor to screen the movie “Back on Board: Greg Louganis” when it was in San Francisco for Frameline, […] Click to read more »

Pei-pei Cheng and Ben Wishaw in "Lilting"

Chat With Director Who Continues Festival Rounds Bringing Stellar “Lilting” to Outfest by Kevin M. Thomas

Shortly after winning an honorable mention at San Francisco’s Frameline Film Festival, we caught up with “Lilting” director Hong Khaou to discuss his well received film as he prepares to take it to Los Angeles’ Outfest on July 16. While the film festival darling has been winning audiences over since Sundance, Khaou shares with us […] Click to read more »


Coming to Outfest: Two of the New Jersey 4 Share Story on Being Black, Lesbian and Labeled “Killers” In the Media by Kevin M. Thomas

  What happens when seven friends are enjoying each other’s company and end up physically defending themselves to a man who wants to “fuck them straight” when they turn down his sexual advances? This is the true story of “Out in the Night,” a profound and unfortunately true story of seven lesbians who thought sharing their […] Click to read more »


Talk With “Appropriate Behavior” Director Was Anything But By Kevin M. Thomas

Desiree Akhavan is a name that will soon be on everyone’s list and everyone’s A list. She’s a beautiful, intelligent, friendly and talented individual who happens to be the creative force behind one of Outfest’s best narrative features, “Appropriate Behavior.” I caught up with Desiree shortly after her successful screening at San Francisco’s Frameline Film Festival […] Click to read more »

"Kidnapped For Christ"

A Reform School for Kids that Uses Christianity to Attract the Parents, but it’s the Abuse that is Uncovered in “Kidnapped For Christ”

Produced by Lance Bass and directed by Kate S. Logan, “Kidnapped for Christ” plays out like a mystery/drama as a young Evangelical Filmmaker, Logan travels to a Christian Dominican Republic school to film what she believes is a positive behavioral modification program for ‘troubled teens’ but quickly discovers the shocking secrets of what is really occurring […] Click to read more »