Fall Must Have Picks

By Stylist Carlton Jones

Picture of Carlton Jones
  • Woman on runway wearing red

    1. Something Red!

    I prefer to mix hues or tone down with a neutral.

  • Male model in plaid walking down runway

    2. Plaid & graphic prints

    Try something outside of the expected button-down.

  • Woman and various metallic-colored clothes

    3. Anything metallic

    For men, this trend is easiest with accessories.

  • Various people wearing leggins

    4. Printed and textured leggins

    Layered or full-on, this is a statement for the not celuloid confident trendsetters.

  • Various brooches

    5. Brooches galore!


Parke and Ronen Offer the Modern Spaniard for Spring/Summer 2012

By Steve Rodriguez

Parke and Ronen fashion show

Parke and Ronen presented their new Spring/Summer 2012 Men’s resort wear to an enthusiastic packed house. In the house included former editor-at-large for Vogue, Andre Leon Talley. The new collection drew inspiration from the Mediterranean Sea with emphasis on Spain. “Espana Modernista” is the name of the new collection as stated by the boutique’s manager, Ricardo Lee Tenorio. Tenorio said the collection is a blending of color and decadent patterns of a Gaudi Modernist masterpiece with the iconic masculine beauty of the Matador. One can’t ignore the beauty and carefree spirit of the Mediterranean Sea especially in places like Barcelona or better yet the Balearic Islands.

Vice President of Men’s Fashion for Macy’s INC., Durand Guion sat in the front row and called the collection fantastic! “The sportswear, swimwear, and styling made for one of the best menswear shows of the week.”

Known for having some of best collection of swimwear in every cut possible, Parke and Ronen did not disappoint for 2012. Bold patterns of blue mixed with muted red floral prints caught our eyes in a quad-cut suit. Vibrant stripes of turquoise and colors that evoked a Latin sensibility were printed in both lengthwise and upright patterns for shorter speedo and Brazilian cuts. Indigenous patterns of free spirited colors like green, purple and orange took men’s swimwear to the next level.

Shorts in various lengths continued the trend of being worn as outerwear and were paired with colorful blazers like turquoise, canary yellow, burnt orange and bold red.

Out & About—Fashion Week S/S 2012 NYC

By Steve Rodriguez

Out and About