AREA: Young Fashion Designers illustrate their passion for creating innovative textiles in Women’s ready-to-wear Collection by Vivian Rodriguez Meade

New York Fashion Week can be a whirlwind, running from show to show interviewing designers and shooting their shows and this Fall/Winter 2014 season was turbo-charged with up and coming, fresh new Designers.   Our Fashion Host and Stylist, Carlton Jones was our guide leading my Co-Editor, Steve V. Rodriguez and I to shows at Lincoln Center, Chelsea and finally to a studio in Chinatown to view a new design collection called AREA all in a day’s work.  Area is the brainchild of two Parsons alumni, Beckett Fogg and Piotrek Panszczyk.

Fogg and Panszczyk welcomed the three of us into their studio where a short film projected onto the wall flashing images of textiles, shapes, and rich colors illustrating their passion that made up their new Women’s collection.

A white shirt was the first piece they showed us, which they embossed to create a patterned fabric with depth that looked nothing like the original cotton t-shirt. Fogg explained that her and her design partner, Panszczyk, focused on creating new textures by manipulating, embossing, and scraping the fabric along with using deep rich colors to create sleek sophisticated silhouettes.  Fogg also pointed out their storyboard of images on the wall where their clothes hung, which included a photo of a horsetail that provided some of the inspiration behind their collection.

In their debut collection, AREA has sourced locally, which is impressive given the fact that some of the large fashion brands have chosen to source textiles and labor in third world countries. 

Personally, I was intrigued with one of the methods they used in dying their fabric to create their slim line pants, which had a deep dark denim finish.  Fogg elaborated on this pinning technique they used, which created a deep blue depth and richness to the newfound colored fabric.  

This dynamic duo has designed a ready-to-wear fashion line that is comfortable, lux and versatile, which in today’s fashion world, is the key to success.