Mexican Fashion Designer, Ricardo Seco takes a Political Stand for Fall 2017

Ricardo Seco’s Fall 2017 collection has multiple inspirations —New York, the immigrant’s condition, the political tensions between the United States and Mexico— all these have a common factor: that the strength found in union is constituted by multiplicity. New York is a creative topology because it is a place of encounter of perspectives, aspirations, desires. The inner growth of the migrant takes place when he finds the strength capable of settling tensions. Political relationships between the United States and Mexico will find a bigger strength as long as the focus of the discussion is not what is best for each one individually, but what can make both nations grow. Juntos/Together is a collection that mixes sport, casual and garment cuts, and thus, it adapts to contemporary men and women. It consists of different textures such as leather, suede, satin, cashmere, cotton and silk. While the color black is inspired by New York City, colors represent the two inspiration countries: Mexico and the United States.

The collection is composed by shirts, jackets, coats, and bomber jackets, different pant styles such as baggy, bell-bottom, elephant, skinny, formal, short and long, sweaters, sweatshirts and different styles of t-shirts. All the outfits include new balance sneakers (?) that provide balance and highlight a unique, sophisticated style. It ́s a collection that is designed to be easy to wear and match with other clothes.

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