Q&A with Designer Michael Alan Stein who presented at the Emerge Fashion Show for Fall 2012 By Carlton Jones

Designer, Michael Alan Stein

The Emerge Fashion Show on February 14, 2012 at the beautiful Broad Street Ballroom was a much anticipated show hosted by Tracee Ellis Ross, and with award honoree Andre Leon Tally being presented by Diane Von Furstenburg.

Opening with Coco Mitchell’s sultry saunter, let all in attendance know it was time to take note of an emerging designer with aesthetics of a veteran .

Michael Alan Stein presented his eponymous collection with strategic slits and sophisticated sass,  punctuating his inspiration of tango and the movement that accompanies this passionate culture. He remained thematically consistent as he took his client from day to night with clean lines, wearable fabrics and geometric color blocking.

I took a moment to get to know this Chicago based costume and fashion designer to find out who he’s designing for, and what the vision is after such a well received presentation.

CJ- How does it feel to come full circle from a fashion design student, working as a designer, stylist, and  costume designer, to finally launching your much anticipated line?.

MAS- Life holds many lessons and experiences, and like they say “what don’t kill you makes you stronger” So to that I will say I’ve lived a full life, and I’ve learned that when the time is for you, it’s for you. I’ve had a great career as a Costume Designer and Stylist.

I’m just very appreciative of the response I’ve gotten from the press and stores. Now, is the correct time!

CJ-who are some of the designers that have inspired you through the years?

MAS-Growing up I always loved how Geoffrey Beene mixed patterns and color blocked. He also was great at putting different Fabrics together. Donna is my all time Favorite!  I’ve been told countless times how my clothing reminds people of “vintage” Donna Karan( simple, elegant, and easy to wear!)

CJ-What made you decide to premier your collection in NYC?

MAS- NY being the fashion capitol it is, that was a no brainer for me.

CJ-How would you describe your collection?

MAS- Fun, flirtatious, smart clothing that makes sense at an approachable price point.

CJ-What was this inspiration for this collection?

MAS-I was influenced by the Tango!  While sketching this collection, I listened to this music.  The way the Fabric moves, the sexy(but demure) slits in the dresses were all influenced by the dance.

CJ-How does it feel to receive such a great response from such legendary press as The Wall Street Journal and Bill Cunningham, and having your line picked up by stores in New York?

MAS- I’m humbled and extremely appreciative of the response.

CJ-What is your goal for the line?

MAS-I see international distribution and free standing stores.

CJ- Well I realize we’re not at liberty to say until “the ink is dry” but I believe you’re well on your way with some of the interest shown in your presentation at the Emerge Fashion Show.

Thank you so much for your time; we look forward to following up with you in the seasons to come.

Check out the highlight video below from the Emerge Fashion Show featuring the Michael Alan Stein Fall 2012 preview.