Zen meets bling at the new Nialaya Boutique on Melrose – LA


If you haven’t heard about Nialaya chances are you’ve seen the beads worn on one of your favorite celebrities. From Madonna to The Game, many celebrities have gravitated to the beads that have spiritual properties with an added bling bonus. Founder of Nialaya, Jannik Olander told me that he met a shaman by the name of Nialaya several years ago while traveling through India. The longhaired beaded man stopped a doubt filled Olander at a Market and started telling him about the beads and talking to Jannik about his life. The next day, Jannik saw the man again and this time he was a little more curious. He sat down with the shaman for nearly 3-hours talking about the powers of the beads and how Olander could help change the lives of others if he changed his own life. After that Olander took the advice and started Nialaya named after the shaman. He never heard from him again or could ever find him.

Originally, Olander began beading in his garage in the Hollywood Hills. He took his first order of beaded bracelets to a boutique in Beverly Hills right before the Christmas season. When the season was over, he nearly sold out completely at the boutique indicating there was a tremendous desire for the jewelry. He’s been working in his home/studio shipping orders to high-end boutiques like Traffic, Kitson and the boutique at the SLS Hotel in Beverly Hills.

Just recently, Olander opened his first ever Nialaya boutique on Melrose. The new digs reflect Jannik’s mix of masculine charm, rock n roll attitue and spiritual elements. You’ll find Buddha’s situated throughout the showroom mixed into display cases alongside huge bamboo palm trees. Dark wood floors as well as Asian wooden display tables accent the room suggesting an Indonesian flare. Rock n Roll posters and old album covers cover the tops of walls featuring Dylan, Kiss and Alice Cooper.

The space is a reflection of Olander and perfect back drop for the Nialaya brand which truly is a combination of spiritual roots living in a rock n roll world in the 21st century. Clients can now meet the designer who is very welcoming and thumb through the book of stones the boutique carries to inform clients about the beads power. Clients can now customize their very own beads to reflect their mood, utilize the power of the stones and express their personal bling. Beads like black lava stone was originally worn by the American Indians for protection when they went to war. It protects your heart and protects you all over.

In addition to the signature beaded bracelets that were the original design, clients can now shop for an extensive collection of beaded necklaces that feature Buddha heads, daggers and skulls. Earrings are a new addition to the collection that will likely draw a whole new audience.

The boutique is the perfection extension of the Nialaya brand and next chapter for Olander. With three sections to the new space, Olander features his beautiful boutique and showroom in the front of house, personal office in the middle and workshop in the back where he employs a slew of beaders who help create the signature jewelry. Olander’s story is a perfect example of a man who was open to wisdom and advice and followed it to the creation of his thriving empire.

Nialaya: 7922 Melrose Avenue, Los Angeles, CA 90048