Walking With The Night

You may not know the name or the voice of singer Adriana Evans but, she’s been around doing things her own way since the mid ’90s when she debuted her self titled album, “Adriana Evans”. Evans never fell into the trap of producing mainstream typical tracks or worse yet, being a one-hit wonder. Four albums under her belt including, “Nomad” and “El Camino”, Adriana has just released her new project,“Walking With The Night”. Unfortunately, due to distribution matters, the album is only available overseas currently but, can be purchased on Amazon for the import price. It’s rumored to be released later this Spring but, I wouldn’t wait! “Walking With The Night” as with her past projects incorporate harmonious lush vocals with real instruments including plenty of well balanced horn arrangements and an overall sound that recounts the Motown era but, never resides too long to feel dated. Evans clearly embraces the music of our soulful past but, it’s her rich vocals and groovy melodies that bring a refreshing layer to today’s musical arena.

As an entire project, “Walking With The Night” is a splendid experience to listen  to from beginning to end. All 14 tracks flow like a sunny uplifting Summer day which you never want to end. If her first album paralleled the Acid Jazz movement of the time, “Nomad” flirted with rock and electric soul,  “El Camino” fleshed out a Latin tinged sensibility and now the latest harkens back to past with songs like “Weatherman” and “Waiting” but, it’s the sensual songs like “Midnight” and “Never Thought” that shine plus favorite groove, “Surrender” that will have you pressing repeat over and over again. It was a brilliant move to recreate a former song of Evans repertoire, “In The Sun” from the first album and transform it into “El Sol”. The latter version takes on a more live and Latin vibe leaving behind the Acid Jazz sounds of the past. Both are brilliant and worth having in your library.

I really do hope Adriana Evan’s music hits a wider audience. However, Asia has really propelled her career nicely! It’s uplifting to know there are artists out there that play by their own rules yet continue to offer real music that isn’t cookie cutter  crap.  Keep doing your thang Ms. Evans – We’re listening!