DJ Bryan Galvan chat to us about his roots in New York, producing and WMC

Bryan is the consummate DJ’s DJ — he works tirelessly to perfect his craft both behind the decks and in the studio. I’m so glad to have had the pleasure of working with him and proud to call him a friend “ DJ De Leon
Progressive Pulse has had the pleasure of featuring DJ Bryan Galvan’s slammin’ house mixes and original tracks and mixes but, we thought we’d dig a little deeper into his background, inspiration and new projects.

PROGRESSIVE PULSE: Tell us about your background…
GALVAN: I grew up listening to a lot of disco from my parents record collection and also Latin music, specifically Colombian music.. then I got into freestyle in my teens then hip/house and then I discovered house music in the 90s. My first club I went to was the Palladium where Junior Vasquez was a resident dj.  I didn’t know what was going on really, I was only 16 and  allowed in because of my MTV dancer friends at the time. But mainly the original house music djs have paved the way for me like Danny Tenaglia, Louie Vega, David Morales, Lenny Fontana, Hex Hector, and also Frankie Knuckles. It’s a dream come true to know that I’m in contact with these heavy hitters, and I am often the opening dj for their gigs.

PROGRESSIVE PULSE: House Music encompasses so many various styles….how has your sound as a dj changed throughout the years and what is it today?
GALVAN: I feel the foundation for me has always been music with soul and rhythm, whether its house, techno, or progressive, it needs to make me want to dance. It’s amazing how much dance music is out there that doesn’t make me want to dance.. lol crazy,  right?? But at the end of the day, house music is always where I end up.

PROGRESSIVE PULSE: People can hear your shows at 1mix Radio and download your mixes on iTunes…tell us more about each episode.
GALVAN: The mix shows started as a weekly radio show on XM in 2002, then in 2004 podcasts came onto the scene and I starting catering to that outlet. But when XM and Sirius merged in 2008 they did away with “The Move” which is the channel we were on, and then I was lucky enough for 1mix radio in London to pick up the show. Now a radio station in Ireland syndicates my mix show as well. You can listen to my shows on iTunes for free.

PROGRESSIVE PULSE: What’s your favorite part about being a producer?
GALVAN: It has to be making something from nothing. I’m big on before and afters, and it doesn’t get more realized for me than producing my own original track with my own original ideas. Seeing thousands of people go crazy in a club…well that’s when it really pays off.

PROGRESSIVE PULSE: You’ve produced several original tracks, what’s the process of creating an original dance song? Collaboration??
GALVAN: My original tracks have always been from an idea that I feel is part of the current time and is relevant to what’s going on today in the world.  I worked with Jonathan Trattner for years and that collaboration really got me going as a producer. He was a well known producer at the time when we started, so learning from him and giving him my experience from a djs stand point really worked well for us. I just did a collaboration with King Ralphy, a popular nightlife personality from New York City. He just came into my studio with some vocal ideas, I hit record and let him jam out on some tracks I had already done. A couple of hours later “Over 2 the speaker” was born. We’re currently putting the release package together with remixes and performances so we’re very excited to see where it’ll go this spring.

PROGRESSIVE PULSE: What’s involved in the remix process?
GALVAN: Every remix is different in the sense that a label might be very specific with the sound they want but, then there’s the other side where they say “do your thang” and you have total freedom. My first official remix was for 8ball records for Victor Calderones’ “Beat me harder” track – Trattner and I worked the hell out of that remix, Victor ended  up picking ours for the vinyl release. But now it’s a lot different, with remix contests and a lot of djs getting different parts to songs, it’s a bit less exclusive these days unfortunately.

PROGRESSIVE PULSE: What do you have brewing for 2011?
GALVAN: Definitely more EP’s, I’ve done one offs the past couple of years but now I’m more into the package idea of 2 or 3 different tracks but, all coinciding together. I’m hoping things work out and I get back on Xm/Sirius weekly, I get a lot of fan mail regarding the show and hope all of my U.S fans get to hear me weekly like in the past. I’ll also be traveling overseas this summer, Barcelona and Ibiza are big targets for me gig wise, from headlining to opening up for headliners. Then of course the U.S and South American gigs will keep me busy.

PROGRESSIVE PULSE: Will you be attending the upcoming WMC  (Winter Music Conference) in Miami? What goes on at this annual music conference??
GALVAN: This year it seems there’s two weeks of events in Miami, first and last week of March. After 13 years of attending WMC, I know that a dj is not confirmed unless he hits play on his first song during this conference. I don’t want to promote any parties as of yet knowing anything can happen up until the day of the party. But yes I’ll be a fan too, going to parties and listening to djs I have profound respect for.

You can download DJ Bryan Galvan’s new mix here at iTunes, plus be sure to keep up with on Twitter: @bgalvanized.