Getting to know singer, songwriter, musician Lizzy Loeb who performs this Monday at Rockwood Music Hall in NYC

You can’t help but admire a family of talented musicians like the Jacksons, the Braxtons and the Marsalis family. Adding to the list is the Loeb family led by the great jazz guitarist, Chris Loeb and his wife, singer Carmen Cuesta who sings beautiful Bossa Nova on her lastest album, “Mi Bossa Nova”. Editor Vivian Meade recently met Chris Loeb in San Francisco after one of his performances who informed her about his daughter, Lizzy. Lizzy grew up learning from the best in a nurturing household that encouraged her craft. We sat down with her the other day to talk about growing up with musician parents, her musical heros and what five dinner guests she’s love to have a dinner party with… Lizzy performs at 10:30 pm this Monday, April, 30th at Rockwood Music Hall in New York City. We’re featuring her single, “The One” on our current seasonal playlist, but you can sample and get her album, “Drawing Lines” on iTunes below. Visit and watch our video interview right here as well as watch a special acoustic performance of “The One”.




“THE ONE”: Acoustic Perforance