Getting to know the talented Rachael Sage: Singer, Songwriter, Poet, Painter, Label head

Editor Steve V. with Rachael Sage


Rachael Sage has made a big name for herself in the Indie music scene, being named one of the Top 100 Independent Artists Of The Past 15 Years,  while running her record label, Mpress Records. She just dropped her 10th studio album entitled, “Haunted By You”. Music has always been at the forefront for Sage who began playing piano at age 3. She’s always had a business savvy mind starting her own hair barrette business with a friend at age 10 and making her own cassette recordings of her music on  a 4-track recording system to get people to hear her music. I sat down with Sage to get to know the artist/business woman to find out how she divides her time between the left and right side of her brain. Watch the video below and  sample tracks from “Haunted by You” which is available on iTunes. You can download her first single, “Invisible You” for free, plus be entered to see Sage Live on May 19th: Download, “Invisible Light”