Michael Kiwanuka – Home Again – 4 of 5 By Patrick K. Sister

First time I got in touch with Kiwanuka’s work was on iTunes. I saw his album cover and thought is this guy Japanese? But he is black! He looks black (in a late 70’s Motown kind of way). So my curiosity made me listen to his songs. And I have to say I found myself enchanted. This British singer of Ugandan heritage has a soothing voice throughout his debut album. You’ll find a combination of soul, folk and even jazz (to whom I recall another new – for me – singer Gregory Porter). Check out songs like “I’m Getting Ready”, “I’ll Get Along”, “Home Again” and my favorite “Any Day Will Do Fine”. Or just get the whole album, press play, get a glass of wine, sit and relax. Kiwanuka will definitely put you to rest, take your mind off of things and bring it home again.