Nabiha – More Cracks 3 out of 5 By Patrick K. Sister

As I pressed play on this 12 track album I got and the first song (Sound Of My Gun) started I felt I recognized the voice, the beat, the vibe. Same feeling on the second song (Trouble) and that  got me asking: “who is Nabiha? Who is this girl singing in this pop-r&b-rock mix? Is this another singer like Jazmine Sullivan, India.Arie? Do I hear something of Mary J. Blige? It sounds like but it certainly isn’t”. So my curiosity sparks and by the third song (Deep Sleep) I hear some different language I can’t quite get. Curiosity exploding so I have to do some research. I find out it’s a Malinese lullaby Nabiha’s mother used to sing to her. A mix of French and some African language that makes the song a tad more interesting and does bring a smile to my face.

So let’s talk a little about this singer. Nabiha is a Danish singer with African roots. “More Cracks” is her sophomore album and her biggest attempt to go international. She has toured with James Morrison, Jason Derulo and Jamie Cullum and has received a few awards and nominations for her songs. I don’t need to hide the fact I know very little about Danish pop scene. I do enjoy The Floor is Made of Lava, a Danish rock band but that’s the only thing that comes to mind. But don’t let the fact that this is a Danish singer (and songwriter by the way) push you away. Nabiha is ready for the American mainstream. Her catchy tunes are just what you would expect from a Billboard Top 10 hit. What really made me enjoy this was the mix between different styles. Even though the songs have a tendency to go to the popish r&b it’s really clear Nabiha has been drinking the fountain of other styles like rock, ska, eletronic and even jazz. This gives her a definitely head start to others trying to make it in the American scene. As you keep listening the soon to be hits keep coming one after the other. From the first three songs I mentioned earlier to “The Enemy” followed by “Sneaking Out The Backdoor”,  I really don’t want to be the person who has to decide between this 5 songs for the next single. After the sixth song, the pop tunes starts to get repetitive (I can’t stress enough I’m a rocker so I’m not used to listening to this kind of music as open-minded as I am). But then I reached the ninth song (Can’t Do Anything) and my hopes were restored again. So I can say that by the end of the twelfth song I had already included a bunch of songs mentioned above to my playlist, and especially “Can’t Do Anything” is now constantly on repeat. So c’mon and check some of the songs. Judge for yourself and share your opinion on our comments!

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  1. Steve V. says:

    Forgot to also mention that the single, “Trouble” will appear on our upcoming Seasonal Playlist!

  2. stevev says:

    I totally agree with your review and since I probably have a tendency to lean to r&b and some pop more than you, I find that Nabiha’s album is an easy collection to press play and let your day unfold. I really like her strength in vocals and the extra layers of non-pop she adds to each track. I think I’ll be adding several of these tracks to my workout playlist!