In some ways it’s an exciting time for a recording artists to release new material. American Idol is no longer a guarantee that the winner or even runner-up will make it big. Record stores are practically obsolete, music videos are primarily viewed online and big name artists like Christina Aguilera have postponed concerts due to low early sales.

For new artists like Anna Rose, it can be a refreshing transitional time in music to debut new material. Anna has been performing in New York and Los Angeles in small venues and released her self-titled EP last year which offered a glimpse at a promising new artist on the horizon. On June 8th, she just released her brand new album,“Nomad” featuring the five tracks on the EP including the optimistic, “The Four Corners”, the heartfelt “In The Morning View”, the gritty “Picture” and the L.A. blvd inspired, “Wilshire”.


“Nomad” rounds out the set with new material including the bluesy, and my personal favorite, “I’ll Be Gone”.  Another welcome addition to the full length album is the empowered strength of Rose featured in, “Walk Away”. “Dare” is a beautifully orchestrated and arranged song that is equally matched by the singer’s honest and reflective lyrics.


Anna mixes personal and poetic lyrics alongside her gifted rich voice. She carefully layers in delicate acoustic guitar arrangements that the singer plays herself. Many of the songs build to exquisite crescendos utilizing stronger electric guitar chords and well constructed drums that never take over but, always elevate one step behind Rose’s vocals.


Catch Anna Rose perform this Summer including this Friday, June 11th at R Bar in NYC and July 9th at Canal Room. Also check out her site for updates:


Watch the VIDEO interview below with Anna Rose then download “Nomad”.