Notar – “Devil’s Playground”


Notar "Devil's Playground" Album Review

Last year we interviewed hot MC, Notar (Mike Notar) for his EP which featured the infectious ‘Matador’, the melodic, ‘Reach’ and the standout track, ‘Stranger’  featuring Adam Duritz of Counting Crows. Duritz discovered Notar and was immediately impressed by Notar’s lyrical

finesse and deep subject matters. He placed Notar on his label, Tyrannosaurus Records. A talented musician, Notar is a trained horn player and this background in music sets “Devil’s Playground” apart from most debut projects. One of the new standout tracks on the album, “You Went Away” also features Duritz and lyrics that are raw with Notar’s personal story, and features a haunting horn section played by Notar along with Curtis Watson. Lyrics on “Devil’s Playground” are not sugarcoated, but are honest, harsh and self reflective. Each track conveys a personal story or paints a vivid picture of a life embodied by our protagonist. It would be easy to see Notar parlay his talents into film either in front of the camera or composing the score.

You know you are in the presence of a rare talent headed for stardom. Notar’s energy is exhilarating whether performing or the first time you engage him in conversation. His passion is simply another article of clothing that Notar dons making it fun to see how far his star will shine.