FEATURED ARTIST: One Tribe Nation – “We Are The One”

One Tribe Nation are a progressive band out of Los Angeles who banded together to create music that is inspired by the multicultural elements of the city, producing music that matters. Their first single, “It’s Time” takes on the subject of Occupy LA encouraging people to fight back and reclaim their rights as a people and out of those in the 1 percentile. OTN’s first video for the single was inspired by their performance on the steps of City Hall in L.A. “We really wanted to make music with substance that is relevant and inspirational to the listener,” says Quetzal Guerrero (lead vocalist). Progressive Pulse is not a stranger to Guerrero’s solo music and immediately took notice when we heard about his new band.

At first listen, OTN appear to be pure rock, but upon deeper listening,  just like their lyrics, you’ll hear a myriad of eclectic sounds from Reggae, Jazz and Latin rhythms. Track 2, “Not The Only One”, starts with heavy guitar by frontman, Michael Sanders and escalates into the salsa one might  hear in East L.A. The title track, “We Are The One” is a funky rock gem to represent those who came before us while encouraging us to make a change for the future.

Each of the four members: Michael Sanders (Guitar), Quetzal Guerrero (Vocals), Dave Filice (bass), and David Cowan (drums) bring a lot to the table including their ‘A’ Game when it comes to musicianship, who’ve all had solo projects or played with veterans within the industry. Rounding out the set is producer, Chris Baseford (Rob Zombie, Tommy Lee) who helps fuse the four talents into One Tribe Nation.

Drawing upon the multitude of diverse sounds that come out of L.A. throughout the years, One Tribe Nation is positioned to take that spirit and launch into a new generation of music that represents the people. According to Sanders, ““The concept of  One Tribe Nation is based upon the simple idea that, as a species, our similarities outweigh our differences.” With that I encourage you to listen to our featured artist here at ProgressivePulse.com/music  You can keep up with them via their App below and watch the music video for “It’s Time”- DIRECTOR’S CUT! Visit One Tribe Nation and get the album!