Singer/Songwriter, Rodriguez, a solid 70, is a legend in the making By: Steve V. Rodriguez

Rodriguez from the documentary, "Searching for Sugar Man"By now you’ve heard the incredible story of Sixto Rodriguez in the critically acclaimed documentary, “Searching For Sugar Man”. We’ve certainly been talking about this film since we attended that original screening, and just last week, we were fortunate to see Rodriguez live at the El Rey theatre in Los Angeles. If you don’t know the story, you can read our review here  and then run to the theater to see this inspiring story. Once you see the film, I guarantee you will fall in love with the artist and his music, which remains relevant in today’s political and global environment, even though his music was written over 30 years ago. After opening this year’s Sundance and winning the World Cinema Audience Award, as well as a special Jury Prize for its Celebration of the Artistic Spirit, “Searching For Sugar Man” is destined to be noticed at next year’s Academy Awards.

Rodriguez live at El Rey TheatreAt last week’s El Rey concert, an emotional and excited crowd welcomed Rodriguez onto the stage who played an expansive set of his material including, “I Wonder”, “Crucify Your Mind”, “Rich Folks Hoax”, “I’ll Think of You” and of course, “Sugar Man”. To think that Rodriguez had only produced two albums, “Cold Fact” and “Coming From Reality”, which flopped in America at the time, but were album staples in South Africa, remains a mystery. It’s wonderful to see his music having a renaissance in 2012 by a whole new audience.  At this same concert, an exuberant Rodriguez announced that he’s a solid 70 while offering advice on the secret to life, which by the way is simply to breathe. He also gave advice on the secret to making relationships work which is to utter two words, “yes dear…”.

RODRIGUEZ NEWS UPDATE: Rodriguez announced that he will be playing next year’s Coachella Festival and will have a special performance at the legendary Carnegie Hall. If that weren’t enough you can catch Rodriguez this Sunday, October 7th on 60 Minutes at 7 PM. Bob Simon will spotlight the artist/musician as well as the director of the film, Malik Bendjelloul. You can also get the film’s soundtrack, which is a great combination of both early albums. Celebrities that have joined the Rodriguez’s fan base include: Alec Baldwin, Sara Bareilles, Kid Rock, Pharrell Williams, Ron Howard, Roseanne Barr, Mario Batali, Tom Green, Branden Campbell and others.

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  1. what an amazing story. you never know what can happen when you put your work out there….I am just thrilled that the world finally caught up with him.