Six60 are a rock band at the core, but integrate Dubstep, Soul, Electronica and Reggae creating a fresh sound you’ll keep revisiting

Six60 interviewNew Zealand band, Six60 turned heads at the recent CMJ festival in New York, conjuring up a modern day Red Hot Chili Peppers with their eclectic sound and dynamic live performances. The band is celebrating the year anniversary of their debut self titled album this month, touring North America and Europe. Songs to check out include the Reggae inspired, “Don’t Forget Your Roots”, the dynamic multi-genre music bending track, “Forever”, and the anthemic, yet soulful, “Rise Up 2.0”, featuring an infectious Dubstep support framework. The five member band all come from various parts of their native country, offering a diverse pool of influences that can all be heard on their debut album. Lead singer, Matiu Walters’ vocals are smooth and rough at the same time, which are able to wrap around the diverse track listing that Six60 create. The outcome is a fresh and relevant sound that can be heard on the album,  and is even better live. Watch the video below featuring Six60. Visit: ; or Get album here: Six60 - Six60