Wazu hit the mark on debut album, ROBOBO

Wazu - Robobo reviewAfter last year’s successful EP debut from Australian duo, Wazu featuring the infectious track “Murder 1”,  and the equally great follow up, “Happy Endings”, the group has just released a full length album that surprisingly omits the two previously mentioned tracks. The result is a winner even without these two stellar gems. The lead single alone, “Councillor” is a sexy and dark lead track that should be remembered as one of the best Electronic, Synthpop and Industrial tracks of the year. The duo shine on anthemic tracks where they harmonize in unison on tracks like, “Show Your Skin” and “It’s a Trick”. Both songs feature heavy and aggressive guitar rhythms making Wazu a 21st century goth and dance band. “I Think I Remember” could have easily been recorded by Depeche Mode with an updated electronic edge. Despite all the goth and hard edged rhythms, Wazu manages to produce infectious melodies within most of their music. Occasionally the production gets the best of their lyrics being heard, but those moments are few and far between. Wazu is definitely a force to reckoned with on the music scene today. Give the album a listen, then give it a break and come back – the music will be a welcome return to add to your collection. Watch video for lead single, “Councillor” below and get album below on iTunes link: