3-Minute NAAM Series for Happiness: Ep 3 – Incorporating the Power of Planet Jupiter

NAAM Yoga- Jupiter

Progressive Pulse is excited to be working with healing practitioner and Board Certified Holistic Health Coach,  Elena Vasilenka. If you’re not familiar with Vasilenka, you can read our Q&A to learn more about the power of NAAM Yoga and the tremendous benefits the practice has made on our new partner and host: http://bit.ly/XNgnLV . The benefits include lowering blood pressure, helping to fight depression and improving your immune system. Watch our introductory video here,  as Elena explains how she’ll be working with mudras (powerful hand gestures).  Episode 2 if available here: http://bit.ly/13Umpn5 Watch Episode 3 below: The Power of Planet Jupiter which helps to erase negative tragic memories from your b rain. #3MinuteNAAM Visit: ElenaVasilenka.com for more info.