3-Minute Shoulder & Cardio Video Routine with José Fernández

Jose Fernandez 3-Minute Workout Shoulders


Jose Fernandez is back with another 3-Minute killer workout focusing on shoulders and cardio. The total shoulder workout will not only sculpt your muscles for Summer, but will raise your heart rate while you burn calories. Try this video workout anytime and anyplace and follow up with one of his two 3-minute killer ab routines: Ab Routine #1; Ab Routine #2. Also, check out our video interview with Fernandez as he talks about his brand new book, “Salvando Vidas”.

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  1. Hiram Bowen says:

    Fact: 95% of people who watched the Rocky saga have attempted upside-down sit-ups while playing Eye of the Tiger on their iPod, thinking they would get the same washboard abs as Stallone. Okay, that was made up, but so are most of the results that the different abdominal gimmicks out there promise. Let’s take some of the training techniques used by some of the worlds top fighters to get results with the only approach that’s not a gimmick—hard work. Getting the core of today’s MMA superstars will take more than attempting neck-breaking moves like the “upside-down sit-up,” but luckily it will take less than the approach used by Ivan Drago. With over 20 locations worldwide, Training for Warriors uses rotational, high/low rep, functional movements to help people build fighter physiques. Try this core workout by TFW’s Director of Operations, John Annillo, C.S.C.S. , that will help bring out your warrior within.

  2. miriam morgan says:

    Gracias por enseñarnos esos ejercicios con videos ojala subas mas

  3. norma says:

    Me da mucho gusto que subas videos yo apenas voy a comenzar a comer saludble pero esto me motiva y felisidades eres una gran un Angel pra el mundo.