A Chat with Madonna’s ‘Truth or Dare’ Dancers for their New Film, STRIKE A POSE

Strike_a_Pose_web_largeThe year was 1990 and I was obsessed with Madonna and her Blonde Ambition tour. When her tour wrapped, many, like myself were blessed with the iconic and groundbreaking documentary, “Truth or Dare”. The film was the first of it’s kind and definitely paved the way for reality television as we know it today. I’m still obsessed with the ‘material girl’, so to discover a new film was being made, “Strike a Pose” about the dancers – post ‘Truth or Dare’, was exhilarating for me to say the least. Filmmakers, Ester Gould and Reijer Zwaan put together a touching, insightful and beautiful film that dives into the sensitive time period of the AIDS epidemic, the lives of the dancers (Carlton, Oliver, Luis, Slam, Kevin and Jose, during and post tour,  and working with the woman (Madonna) who became a ‘pseudo’ mother to the dancers. The film also shows how many in the gay community, and beyond, create extended families for survival. Take a look inside the film and see my chat with the filmmakers and the cast of “Strike a Pose” that I shot during Tribeca Film Festival. The film plays at Frameline in San Francisco on Saturday, June 25th at the Castro Theater. Purchase tickets here. It also plays at Outfest in LA on Friday, July 15th at 9:45 PM in the DGA 2 theater. Purchase tickets here.