A Conversation with Filmmaker, Cecilia Aldarondo – Revealing Duality of her Uncle’s Two Lives

Memories Poster

In her first film, filmmaker Cecilia Aldarondo introspectively sheds more light to us about her beautiful and engaging documentary, “Memories of a Penitent Heart”  about her uncle’s life Miguel.  What Aldarondo is able to assemble with the usage of 8mm tapes that her mother gives her is a fascinating mystery into her uncle’s seemingly two worlds he managed to live during his short life. Aldarondo has created a real life narrative,  that she in fact narrates unveiling clues and discoveries about a life that touches on his talent, the AIDS epidemic, homophobia within a family, death, cultivated friendships and a former lover who finally gets to tell his story and make some peace. Layered beyond belief, this fascinating and touching film should reach audiences far and near relating to our own often complicated family lives, and the stories we choose to reveal about ourselves. Watch our on-camera discussion below with filmmaker, Cecilia Aldarondo and follow the film at: www.penitentheart.com