A Gay Couple’s Growing Pains are Superbly Played Out in 15 YEARS Available on VOD

By Steve V. Rodriguez

The new film 15 YEARS is an alluring and captivating drama that acutely sets the stage and dives into a triad of character drama that avoids judgement in place of an in-depth slice of life. 

Yoav and Dan have been together for 15 years, hence the title and Dan is significantly younger than Yoav although in no way to suggest inappropriate. The difference in age and the duration of the relationship do play a part in the drama that unfolds between the very attractive and sexy couple. Truth be told, I went in for the guys but stayed for the riveting story. Yoav’s longtime friend, Alma is our third character who is in her latter term of pregnancy and shares a deep bond with Yoav. 

During a dinner party with all their friends, the conversation turns to talk of babies which escalates to the group’s pressure of Yoav and Dan having their own baby. Yoav has no interest in having a baby and his imploding resistance is palpable, but younger Dan shows a glimmer in his eye for the potential prospect. Here in lies our story which allows the viewer to witness a major roadblock that so many couples have to face. What makes this story even more engaging is the fact that it took 15 years to occur giving light to the many gay men who are having children today.

15 YEARS goes beyond the complications of the choices we makes as a unit to reveal past personal struggles that can often reveal themselves years into a relationship. With great choice in casting and acute storytelling by Yuval Hadadi, 15 YEARS is a nuanced story that most viewers will have compassion for without judgement. 

After a very successful film festival run including winning the 37th Chicago LGBTQ+ International Film Festival where the film won the Jury Award for Best Feature Film, now 15 YEARS is out today on most streaming platforms. Watch the trailer below and see the film.  Watch, Rent and Buy on Amazon Prime: https://www.amazon.com/gp/video/detail/amzn1.dv.gti.c8b8c1d2-d2ff-699f-cb53-cdf15f8af43b?autoplay=1


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