A Reform School for Kids that Uses Christianity to Attract the Parents, but it’s the Abuse that is Uncovered in “Kidnapped For Christ”

"Kidnapped For Christ"

Produced by Lance Bass and directed by Kate S. Logan, “Kidnapped for Christ” plays out like a mystery/drama as a young Evangelical Filmmaker, Logan travels to a Christian Dominican Republic school to film what she believes is a positive behavioral modification program for ‘troubled teens’ but quickly discovers the shocking secrets of what is really occurring at this school.

If you have teenagers or simply care about the rights of others, then I urge you see “Kidnapped for Christ” which airs this Thursday, July 10th on Showtime.

I had a chance to see the documentary at this year’s Frameline38 Film Festival in San Francisco.   The documentary follows three teenagers who are unwillingly taken in the middle of the night from their homes in the U.S. to a Christian school in the Dominican Republic that claims to reform via a behavior modification program. The nightmare for these teens begins when they realize that it is their Parents who have arranged to have them taken away. We learn that one of the teens, David, a good student, is sent to the school after he has told his Parents that he is gay.

I sat down with the film’s Director, Logan and found out that her initial motivation to make this film was completely different from the journey she ends up guiding us through in the six weeks she shot footage at the Dominican Republic school, Escuela Caribe.

One of the most surprising I learned from this documentary was that these schools are not federally regulated, so they prey on selling the idea of rehabilitating ‘troubled teens’ and Parents are buying into it without realizing that their children are being subjected to abuse and forced labor.

Check out my video interview below to hear more about Logan’s experience in shooting this film and what you can do to make a difference.

“Kidnapped for Christ” will continue on Showtime for the next few months, followed by iTunes and VOD. Visit www.KidnappedForChrist.com to follow the film.  Follow @kidnpd4christ