Alternative Rock Band, herMajesty Captivate both on Stage and on their New EP, “My Body Your Mind”


When herMajesty takes the stage, as they did last Wednesday at Pianos in New York City,  it’s clear that this four member band has their act together allowing lead singer, JP to become the ringleader for this captivating band who just released their new EP, “My Body Your Mind”. With poetic, and often dark lyrics the cohesive musicians bring an enigmatic energy to each track which lures the crowd to want to hear more.  JP’s voice harkens back to early 80’s staples like Chris Isaac and Bowie especially in the title track,  “My Body Your Mind”. The song is a seemingly propelling upbeat track,  but features lyrics of a relationship gone sour,  leaving behind it’s wounds. There’s an interesting payoff when an artist writes and performs a song that allows it’s audience to sway and dance even though the subject matter could be interpreted as depressing. The avoidance of pandering to downtrodden ballads or heartfelt wails makes for just some of the recipe for herMajesty’s success.

In fact the secret to why herMajesty works is a combination of musicianship, poetic lyrics and a mysterious sound they consecutively deliver on each track and performance. The multi-layered outcome can also be attributed to a fine tuned band,  including electric and IMG_5694acoustic guitars, bass and a superb drummer that drives each song. Other stand out tracks include, “Fashion Trance” and “Days Turn to Nights”, a personal favorite.

But, herMajesty isn’t all melancholic lyrics as the band performed “Crystals” a beautiful reflective track on passion,  and the lingering enigma of love. The band closed a superb set with the uplifting song, “One by One”. Lead singer asked the captive audience to sing a long to the infectious chorus ‘…Pa pa, pa, pa..’ as a pre-recorded children’s choir filled the room with an optimistic charm that only children can evoke. “The motivation to use a children’s choir on the single came from the idea that we are all struggling to come to grips with the promise of our youth and the reality of adulthood while maintaining a connection to the life affirming energy and sense of wonder of those early years” says JP.

herMajesty will be touring to promote the new EP, “My Body Your Mind”, but I invite you to download the project from iTunes below. You can follow the band: or Instagram: @hermajestyny