Art Decade’s Self Titled LP is a Melodic Symphony of Meticulously Constructed Artful Pop & Rock Gems

Art DecadeIt’s always refreshing to hear that an artist took the time  studying whether through education, or by simply putting in the time. Such is the case with Art Decade, the young duo lead by frontman, Ben Talmi,  whose roots are based in  classical music. On their new self titled LP, “Art Decade”, which takes it’s name from the instrumental track on David Bowie’s, “Low” album, is filled with lush and melodic songs incorporating symphonic string arrangements that conjure up an unnamable award winning indie film. Talmi’s voice is earnest and fuses nicely with the intricately crafted collection of ten tracks on their debut LP. Talmi describes their music as similar to architecture, stating that “every piece has a reason”. The young duo adds poetic lyrics and pop and rock influences from the present scope of Electronica, to 70’s and 80’s rock. Layered with their subtle,  and sometimes grand symphonic arrangements,  the listener is left with a refreshing fusion of sounds that demand to be heard. Stand out tracks include, “Walking Together” which is a beautiful melodic and lyrical track that shines, “Idle Talk” conjures up an 80’s track, perhaps OMD, that’s pure bliss, “So I Thought” fuses a classical musical journey with a 70’s timeless rock anthem. Also, listen out for “Numberless Dreams”, and the cinematic “Need You Yesterday”. “Boredom” incorporates the band’s other half , Binod Singh, whose love for soul and Motown are evident in this standout track.