Artist Eugene Rodriguez’ new documentary “The Sample” focuses on taking an ethical approach in today’s Fashion industry


Designers Ruth Reynaga, Antonio Luna and Larissa Verdussen featured in THE SAMPLE

Eugene Rodriguez’ upcoming documentary, “The Sample”, highlights the ethics regarding the people that make our clothes and features 3 Bay Area Fashion Designers that are taking a more humane and local antonio1-e1395990026137-225x300approach in their collections.

I had a chance to sit down with Eugene Rodriguez on the set of his upcoming documentary called “The Sample.”  Rodriguez is an Artist, Filmmaker, Teacher,  and as we learn during my interview,  a former Fashion Designer.

Rodriguez says he’s hoping to take his film to festivals and he’s working to premiere the film at Larissa Verdussen’s store, Loft 1513 in San Francisco.  Verdussen is also one of the Designers featured in the film.  He also says he’d like to share the film with Community Colleges, Community Centers and young, up-and-coming fashion designers.  Rodriguez teaches painting and drawing courses to Freshman and Sophomore College students,  and says he feels there’s a movement amongst young people regarding their interest in what is important in life, and most of all,  how we all fit into the global picture.

Check out my video interview with Rodriguez to find out why he’s calling his new film “The Sample” a ‘hybrid’ documentary.  For more information on “The Sample” go to Eugene Rodriguez’ website:  Facebook Page. “The Sample” will screen this Saturday, September 20th @5:05pm at the Opera Plaza in San Francisco, part of the’Made In San Francisco’ Shorts Program for Cine+Mas SF: 2014 San Francisco Latino Film Festival September 19-27