Artist Mark Innerst’s New Opening Reflects City Dweller Perspective with Weekend Beach Getaway By Steve V. Rodriguez


"Traffic and Rooftops from Above Spruce Street", 2010 Oil on canvas

DC Moore Gallery presents the opening of its current exhibit by painter, Mark Innerst from November 4th – December 18th, 2010. The current exhibit reflects Innerst’s inspiration that draws from New York City, Philadelphia and the beaches of Cape May, New Jersey. Innerst currently resides with his partner in Philadelphia but, spends the Summer months in Cape May. He spent a number of years living in New York City.

Artist Mark Innerst with Editor Steve V. Rodriguez

Artist Mark Innerst with Editor Steve V. Rodriguez

I was fortunate to speak with Innerst at last week’s opening and learned a lot about his reflective spirit pertaining to his work. He told me that he was inspired by architecture in New York City in the 80’s when the city was erecting large scale buildings all over town that were modern and the first of their kind. The city had never been transformed like this before with buildings that showcased sharp lines that towered over the city often times dwarfing its inhabitants. He said it was an exciting time for him to be noticing this architectural phenomenon.

Today, he visits New York City and sees the city from a different perspective – not as an inhabitant but, as someone that can stand back and take it all in. He shared with me that often times one has to leave the city to obtain a revitalized new view.

"All the Above", 2010 Oil on panel

"All the Above", 2010 Oil on panel

Finding out that Innerst spends a good portion of his Summer months at the beaches of Cape May in New Jersey helped bridge the east coast mentality of spending the week in the city and heading to the beach for the weekends.  He shared that he is fascinated how the many beach dwellers create a sea of umbrellas that cover the entire beach thus creating mini huts or forts that go on for miles. From this perspective Innerst’s paintings create an intriguing beach world that invites its outsiders to a keen perspective that entices its onlookers.

For these painting Innerst revealed that he sketches while he’s on the beach along with simple paintings.  He combines both  and then he heads to his studio where he completes each painting.


Mark Innerst at DC Moore Gallery: November 4 – December 18th, 2010.